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Evidence-based review of trauma center care and routine palliative care processes for geriatric trauma patients; A collaboration from the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma Patient Assessment Committee, the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma Geriatric Trauma Committee, and the Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma Guidelines Committee.Academic Article Why?
Screening Adolescent Trauma Patients for Substance Use at 10 Pediatric Trauma Centers.Academic Article Why?
Reduced population burden of road transport-related major trauma after introduction of an inclusive trauma system.Academic Article Why?
Venous thromboembolic risk stratification in pediatric trauma: A Pediatric Trauma Society Research Committee multicenter analysis.Academic Article Why?
Paediatric and adolescent trauma care within an integrated trauma system.Academic Article Why?
Pelvic trauma mortality reduced by integrated trauma care.Academic Article Why?
The World Health Organization trauma checklist versus Trauma Team Time-out: A perspective.Academic Article Why?
Trauma-Informed Care in the Massachusetts Child Trauma Project.Academic Article Why?
Low major trauma confidence among emergency physicians working outside major trauma services: Inevitable result of a centralised trauma system or evidence for change?Academic Article Why?
Psychological Trauma and the Trauma Surgeon.Academic Article Why?
Clinical handover in the trauma setting: a qualitative study of paramedics and trauma team members.Academic Article Why?
Early predictors of functional disability after spine trauma: a level 1 trauma center study.Academic Article Why?
Improved functional outcomes for major trauma patients in a regionalized, inclusive trauma system.Academic Article Why?
Physiologic trauma triage criteria in adult trauma patients: are they effective in saving lives by transporting patients to trauma centers?Academic Article Why?
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