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CD40-CD40 ligand interactions in oxidative stress, inflammation and vascular disease.Academic Article Why?
Inflammatory mediators in vascular disease: identifying promising targets for intracranial aneurysm research.Academic Article Why?
Management of hyperlipidemia in patients with vascular disease.Academic Article Why?
Optimized diagnostic angiography in high-risk patients with severe peripheral vascular disease.Academic Article Why?
Use of p53-Silenced Endothelial Progenitor Cells to Treat Ischemia in Diabetic Peripheral Vascular Disease.Academic Article Why?
"Cardiac and Vascular Disease Manifestations"Academic Article Why?
[Imaging in collagen-vascular diseases with special emphasis on fibrotic lung alterations].Academic Article Why?
Peripheral Vascular DiseasesConcept Why?
Skin Diseases, VascularConcept Why?
Spinal Cord Vascular DiseasesConcept Why?
Vascular DiseasesConcept Why?
Abdominal obesity and peripheral vascular disease in men and women: a comparison of waist-to-thigh ratio and waist circumference as measures of abdominal obesity.Academic Article Why?
Operating expenses for the diagnosis and treatment of peripheral vascular disease in an academic interventional radiology department: cost calculations according to a microeconomic method.Academic Article Why?
Peptidylarginine deiminase inhibition disrupts NET formation and protects against kidney, skin and vascular disease in lupus-prone MRL/lpr mice.Academic Article Why?
Predictive value of noninvasively determined endothelial dysfunction for long-term cardiovascular events in patients with peripheral vascular disease.Academic Article Why?
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