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A Primary Care Prevention System for Behavioral Health: The Behavioral Health Annual Wellness Checkup.Academic Article Why?
Hope, Core Self-Evaluations, Emotional Well-Being, Health-Risk Behaviors, and Academic Performance in University Freshmen.Academic Article Why?
Leadership Behavior Associations with Domains of Safety Culture, Engagement, and Health Care Worker Well-Being.Academic Article Why?
Wellman, RobertPerson Why?
Serum levels of TGF-beta and fibronectin in autosomal dominant osteopetrosis in relation to underlying mutations and well-described murine counterparts.Academic Article Why?
Differences in hope, core self-evaluations, emotional well-being, and health risk behaviors in freshman university students.Academic Article Why?
Interventions to Improve Mental Health, Well-Being, Physical Health, and Lifestyle Behaviors in Physicians and Nurses: A Systematic Review.Academic Article Why?
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Benefits Psychological Well-Being, Sleep Quality, and Athletic Performance in Female Collegiate Rowers.Academic Article Why?
King, OliverPerson Why?
Yang, ChengwuPerson Why?
Wellman RJ, Sugarman DB. Does advice affect perceptions of a patient’s withdrawal from kidney dialysis? J Soc Behav Pers. 2001;16Academic Article Why?
The magnitude and sustainability of treatment benefit of zuranolone on function and well-being as assessed by the SF-36 in adult patients with MDD and PPD: An integrated analysis of 4 randomized clinical trials.Academic Article Why?
Corvera, SilviaPerson Why?
Frazier, JeanPerson Why?
Melikian, HaleyPerson Why?
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