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BiostatisticsConcept Why?
Biostatistics & EpidemiologyDivision Why?
Biostatistics And EpidemiologyDivision Why?
Biostatistics And Health Services ResearchDivision Why?
MA (Biostatistics)Award or Honor Receipt Why?
PhD (Biostatistics)Award or Honor Receipt Why?
Li, WenjunPerson Why?
Yang, ChengwuPerson Why?
Chrysanthopoulou, StavroulaPerson Why?
Baker, StephenPerson Why?
Baek, Jong GyuPerson Why?
False discovery rate control is a recommended alternative to Bonferroni-type adjustments in health studies.Academic Article Why?
R statistical tools for gene discovery.Academic Article Why?
Person, SharinaPerson Why?
Barton, BrucePerson Why?
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