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Improving cardiovascular outcomes using electronic health records.Academic Article Why?
One system for electronic health records.Academic Article Why?
A Simple and Portable Algorithm for Identifying Atrial Fibrillation in the Electronic Medical Record.Academic Article Why?
Assessing Electronic Health Record (EHR) Use during a Major EHR Transition: An Innovative Mixed Methods Approach.Academic Article Why?
Automated identification of postoperative complications within an electronic medical record using natural language processing.Academic Article Why?
Better representing transgender patients in the electronic health record.Academic Article Why?
Bleeding Entity Recognition in Electronic Health Records: A Comprehensive Analysis of End-to-End Systems.Academic Article Why?
Care Coordination and Comprehensive Electronic Health Records are Associated With Increased Transition Planning Activities.Academic Article Why?
Challenges with Collecting Smoking Status in Electronic Health Records.Academic Article Why?
ComprehENotes, an Instrument to Assess Patient Reading Comprehension of Electronic Health Record Notes: Development and Validation.Academic Article Why?
Demographic differences in willingness to share electronic health records in the All of Us Research Program.Academic Article Why?
Diabetes Care and Management Using Electronic Medical Records: A Systematic Review.Academic Article Why?
Electronic Health Record-Based Algorithm for Monitoring Respiratory Virus-Like Illness.Academic Article Why?
Electronic Health Record-Based Algorithms as Part of the Solution for Improving Lung Cancer Screening.Academic Article Why?
Electronic health records in small physician practices: availability, use, and perceived benefits.Academic Article Why?
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