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In vivo fluorescence lifetime detection of an activatable probe in infarcted myocardium.Academic Article Why?
Sensing of transcription factor binding via cyanine dye pair fluorescence lifetime changes.Academic Article Why?
A portable time-domain LED fluorimeter for nanosecond fluorescence lifetime measurements.Academic Article Why?
Molecular fluorescence lifetime sensor of pro-inflammatory signaling in diabetesGrant Why?
Bogdanov, AlexeiPerson Why?
Substrate-based near-infrared imaging sensors enable fluorescence lifetime contrast via built-in dynamic fluorescence quenching elements.Academic Article Why?
Fluorescence lifetimes and correlated photon statistics from single CdSe/oligo(phenylene vinylene) composite nanostructures.Academic Article Why?
Salthouse, ChristopherPerson Why?
Matthews, C.Person Why?
Mountziaris, TriantafillosPerson Why?
Emrick, ToddPerson Why?
Swain, SusanPerson Why?
Behar, SamuelPerson Why?
Lyons, MichaelPerson Why?
McManus, DavidPerson Why?
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