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Bogdanov, AlexeiPerson Why?
Hairpin-like fluorescent probe for imaging of NF-?B transcription factor activity.Academic Article Why?
Molecular Imaging Probes for Reporting on Vascular Oxidative ResponseGrant Why?
High-affinity alphavbeta3 integrin targeted optical probe as a new imaging biomarker for early atherosclerosis: initial studies in Watanabe rabbits.Academic Article Why?
Dual-functional gadolinium-based copper(II) probe for selective magnetic resonance imaging and fluorescence sensing.Academic Article Why?
Peroxidase Sensitive Amplifiable Probe for Molecular Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Pulmonary Inflammation.Academic Article Why?
Phenoxide-Bridged Zinc(II)-Bis(dipicolylamine) Probes for Molecular Imaging of Cell Death.Academic Article Why?
In vivo imaging of tumors with protease-activated near-infrared fluorescent probes.Academic Article Why?
Correlated AFM and NanoSIMS imaging to probe cholesterol-induced changes in phase behavior and non-ideal mixing in ternary lipid membranes.Academic Article Why?
Molecular magnetic resonance contrast agents for the detection of cancer: past and present.Academic Article Why?
Magnetic resonance signal amplification probes.Academic Article Why?
Miller, StephenPerson Why?
Micro-imaging catheters for high-resolution, image-guided, endovascular repair of brain aneurysmsGrant Why?
Matthews, C.Person Why?
Ughi, GiovanniPerson Why?
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