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Exploration of critical care data by using unsupervised machine learning.Academic Article Why?
Application of Machine Learning Models to Biomedical and Information System Signals From Critically Ill Adults.Academic Article Why?
Deciphering Complex Mechanisms of Resistance and Loss of Potency through Coupled Molecular Dynamics and Machine Learning.Academic Article Why?
Identifying Blood Biomarkers for Dementia Using Machine Learning Methods in the Framingham Heart Study.Academic Article Why?
Identifying incident dementia by applying machine learning to a very large administrative claims dataset.Academic Article Why?
Intensive longitudinal assessment following index trauma to predict development of PTSD using machine learning.Academic Article Why?
Machine learning sequence prioritization for cell type-specific enhancer design.Academic Article Why?
Machine learning-based outcome prediction and novel hypotheses generation for substance use disorder treatment.Academic Article Why?
Predicting the onset of end-stage knee osteoarthritis over two- and five-years using machine learning.Academic Article Why?
Prognostic machine learning models for COVID-19 to facilitate decision making.Academic Article Why?
Relating enhancer genetic variation across mammals to complex phenotypes using machine learning.Academic Article Why?
Liu, FeifanPerson Why?
Near-optimal insulin treatment for diabetes patients: A machine learning approach.Academic Article Why?
A Novel Machine Learning Algorithm for Creating Risk-Adjusted Payment Formulas.Academic Article Why?
Adolescent HIV-related behavioural prediction using machine learning: a foundation for precision HIV prevention.Academic Article Why?
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