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Rosen, AmyPerson Why?
Lindenauer, PeterPerson Why?
Improving methods for measuring quality of care: a patient-centered approach in chronic disease.Academic Article Why?
Measurement of the quality of care of patients admitted with decompensated cirrhosis.Academic Article Why?
Measuring health care quality: comparing and contrasting the medical and the marketing approaches.Academic Article Why?
A qualitative analysis of hospital leaders' opinions about publicly reported measures of health care quality.Academic Article Why?
Attitudes of hospital leaders toward publicly reported measures of health care quality.Academic Article Why?
Case volume, quality of care, and care efficiency in coronary artery bypass surgery.Academic Article Why?
Quality of care at retail clinics for 3 common conditions.Academic Article Why?
Validity versus feasibility for quality of care indicators: expert panel results from the MI-Plus study.Academic Article Why?
Advances in Breast Localization Techniques: An Opportunity to Improve Quality of Care and Patient Satisfaction.Academic Article Why?
Agents for change: nonphysician medical providers and health care quality.Academic Article Why?
Behavioral health disorders and adherence to measures of diabetes care quality.Academic Article Why?
Care Transformation Collaborative of Rhode Island: Building a Strong Foundation for Comprehensive, High-Quality Affordable Care.Academic Article Why?
Comparative evaluation of two asthma care quality measures among Medicaid beneficiaries.Academic Article Why?
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