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Paper-Based Sensors: Emerging Themes and Applications.Academic Article Why?
Genetically engineered light sensors for control of bacterial gene expression.Academic Article Why?
An inkjet-printed electrowetting valve for paper-fluidic sensors.Academic Article Why?
Application of Rubrene Air-Gap Transistors as Sensitive MEMS Physical Sensors.Academic Article Why?
Cell-Based Chemical Safety Assessment and Therapeutic Discovery Using Array-Based Sensors.Academic Article Why?
Chemical nose sensors: an alternative strategy for cancer diagnosis.Academic Article Why?
Cross-strand split tetra-Cys motifs as structure sensors in a beta-sheet protein.Academic Article Why?
Detection and identification of proteins using nanoparticle-fluorescent polymer 'chemical nose' sensors.Academic Article Why?
Electrochemical nanoparticle-enzyme sensors for screening bacterial contamination in drinking water.Academic Article Why?
Electronic motion sensors and heart rate as measures of physical activity in children.Academic Article Why?
Encapsulation of Gas Sensors to Operate in the Gastrointestinal Tract for Continuous Monitoring.Academic Article Why?
Flexible carbon nanotube sensors for nerve agent simulants.Academic Article Why?
Fluorescent macromolecular sensors of enzymatic activity for in vivo imaging.Academic Article Why?
Fluorocarbons Enhance Intracellular Delivery of Short STAT3-sensors and Enable Specific Imaging.Academic Article Why?
High-resolution Imaging of Myeloperoxidase Activity Sensors in Human Cerebrovascular Disease.Academic Article Why?
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