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Research in my laboratory is devoted to the study of the pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis (RA), with particular interest in the fundamental mechanisms of bone and cartilage destruction. Through studies of human tissues using pathologic and molecular techniques, murine models of disease and in-vitro assays, this research has contributed to the development of new clinical interventions. Research areas can be summarized into four major categories: 1) Identification of cell types and pathways that drive osteoclastogenesis.  2) Identification of the effects of synovial inflammation on inhibiting osteoblast function and bone formation, thus inhibiting bone repair.    3) Identification of the role of innate immune pathways, in particular the cytosolic DNA sensor and endosomal TLR pathways, in the regulation of specific manifestations of autoimmunity.  4) Role of microRNAs in the regulation of autoimmune diseases and bone.

Initial work in my laboratory identified the cells responsible for bone erosion in RA by demonstrating that osteoclasts are the essential cells in articular bone loss in RA. We further identified synovial fibroblasts and activated CD4+ T lymphocytes in RA synovium as sources of RANKL, a cytokine required for osteoclast differentiation and activation. The essential role of RANKL and of osteoclasts in bone erosion in RA was demonstrated in my laboratory through the generation of arthritis (by serum transfer) in RANKL-deficient mice. We have also demonstrated the impact of inflammation in the bone microenvironment on osteoblasts, showing that osteoblast maturation and function is compromised at sites of inflammation in bone, inhibiting bone repair. We showed that inhibitors of the Wnt signaling pathway, including DKK family members, contribute to the inhibition of osteoblast function and bone formation at sites of erosion. We have initiated a clinical trial in RA to assess the efficacy of intermittent PTH, an anabolic agent, in promoting the healing of articular erosions in RA.

Finally, in a new direction for my laboratory, we are working to understand the contribution of innate and adaptive immune mechanisms to the onset, progression, persistence and regulation of systemic autoimmune diseases, with particular attention to RA and systemic lupus erythematosus. The past decade has seen a paradigm shift in our understanding of the mechanisms underlying autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.  We have come to realize that aberrant regulation of innate immune system components has a major impact on disease etiology. Our work has led to insights into specific pathways regulating distinct autoimmune manifestations, providing new targets for intervention in these diseases.

Rotation Projects

Several projects are open to rotating students, including projects in the area of innate immunity and DNase II deficient mice, effects of inflammation on bone in rheumatic diseases, and regulation of arthritis and bone destruction by microRNAs.

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Academic Article Identification of cell types responsible for bone resorption in rheumatoid arthritis and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.
Academic Article The nuclear factor of activated T cells (NFAT) transcription factor NFATp (NFATc2) is a repressor of chondrogenesis.
Academic Article Cellular mechanisms and the role of cytokines in bone erosions in rheumatoid arthritis.
Academic Article The role of TNF-receptor family members and other TRAF-dependent receptors in bone resorption.
Academic Article Pathogenesis of bone lesions in rheumatoid arthritis.
Academic Article Increase in expression of receptor activator of nuclear factor kappaB at sites of bone erosion correlates with progression of inflammation in evolving collagen-induced arthritis.
Academic Article Bone loss in inflammatory arthritis: mechanisms and treatment strategies.
Academic Article Bisphosphonates: environmental protection for the joint?
Academic Article Lack of requirement of osteopontin for inflammation, bone erosion, and cartilage damage in the K/BxN model of autoantibody-mediated arthritis.
Academic Article Synovial tissue in rheumatoid arthritis is a source of osteoclast differentiation factor.
Academic Article Rheumatic diseases: the effects of inflammation on bone.
Academic Article RANKL protein is expressed at the pannus-bone interface at sites of articular bone erosion in rheumatoid arthritis.
Academic Article Pathogenesis of bone erosions in rheumatoid arthritis.
Academic Article Musculoskeletal manifestations in beta 2-microglobulin amyloidosis. Case discussion.
Academic Article Mechanisms of bone loss in inflammatory arthritis: diagnosis and therapeutic implications.
Academic Article The relationship between focal erosions and generalized osteoporosis in postmenopausal women with rheumatoid arthritis.
Academic Article Entheses and bones in spondyloarthritis: 2008 Annual Research and Education Meeting of the Spondyloarthritis Research and Therapy Network (SPARTAN).
Academic Article TRANCE/RANKL knockout mice are protected from bone erosion in a serum transfer model of arthritis.
Academic Article Bone remodeling in rheumatic disease: a question of balance.
Academic Article Bone damage in rheumatoid arthritis: mechanistic insights and approaches to prevention.
Academic Article Rheumatoid arthritis: Repair of erosion in RA--shifting the balance to formation.
Academic Article Bone erosion in rheumatoid arthritis: mechanisms, diagnosis and treatment.
Academic Article Osteopontin: a bridge between bone and the immune system.
Academic Article A novel role for GADD45beta as a mediator of MMP-13 gene expression during chondrocyte terminal differentiation.
Academic Article The role played by cell-substrate interactions in the pathogenesis of osteoclast-mediated peri-implant osteolysis.
Academic Article Osteoblast function is compromised at sites of focal bone erosion in inflammatory arthritis.
Academic Article Hand bone mineral density is associated with both total hip and lumbar spine bone mineral density in post-menopausal women with RA.
Academic Article Resolution of inflammation induces osteoblast function and regulates the Wnt signaling pathway.
Academic Article In situ hybridization studies suggest a role for the basic region-leucine zipper protein hXBP-1 in exocrine gland and skeletal development during mouse embryogenesis.
Concept Bone Morphogenetic Protein 3
Concept Bone Resorption
Concept Bone Development
Concept Bone Diseases
Concept Bone and Bones
Concept Fractures, Bone
Concept Bone Regeneration
Concept Bone Density Conservation Agents
Concept Bone Remodeling
Concept Bone Neoplasms
Concept Bone Density
Concept Bone Marrow Cells
Concept Giant Cell Tumor of Bone
Concept Bone Morphogenetic Proteins
Concept Bone Diseases, Metabolic
Concept Bone Morphogenetic Protein 2
Academic Article Impact of inflammation on the osteoblast in rheumatic diseases.
Academic Article Induction of bone loss in DBA/1J mice immunized with citrullinated autologous mouse type II collagen in the absence of adjuvant.
Academic Article Role of vascular channels as a novel mechanism for subchondral bone damage at cruciate ligament entheses in osteoarthritis and inflammatory arthritis.
Academic Article Mediators of inflammation and bone remodeling in rheumatic disease.
Academic Article IL-17A deficiency promotes periosteal bone formation in a model of inflammatory arthritis.
Academic Article Bone as a Target Organ in Rheumatic Disease: Impact on Osteoclasts and Osteoblasts.
Academic Article Inflammation in arthritis induces expression of BMP3, an inhibitor of bone formation.
Academic Article RANK-Independent Osteoclast Formation and Bone Erosion in Inflammatory Arthritis.
Academic Article STING regulates abnormal bone formation induced by deficiency of DNase II.
Academic Article Synovium-Derived MicroRNAs Regulate Bone Pathways in Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Academic Article Differential Effects of Inflammation on Bone and Response to Biologics in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Spondyloarthritis.
Academic Article Bone Loss in Rheumatoid Arthritis: Basic Mechanisms and Clinical Implications.
Academic Article Bone Wasn't Built in a Day: Destruction and Formation of Bone in the Rheumatic Diseases.
Academic Article Effects of Teriparatide on Joint Erosions in Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
Academic Article Effects of the IL-23-IL-17 pathway on bone in spondyloarthritis.
Academic Article Bone-targeting AAV-mediated silencing of Schnurri-3 prevents bone loss in osteoporosis.
Academic Article mTOR Blockade by Rapamycin in Spondyloarthritis: Impact on Inflammation and New Bone Formation in vitro and in vivo.
Academic Article Interplay of Cyclic GMP-AMP Synthase/Stimulator of IFN Genes and Toll-Like Receptor Nucleic Acid Sensing Pathways in Autoinflammation and Abnormal Bone Formation due to DNaseII-Deficiency.
Academic Article Bone-Targeting AAV-Mediated Gene Silencing in Osteoclasts for Osteoporosis Therapy.

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