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Academic Article Community mental health provider reluctance to provide pharmacotherapy may be a barrier to addressing perinatal depression: a preliminary study.
Concept Mental Health Services
Concept Mental Health
Concept Community Mental Health Services
Academic Article What happens to mental health treatment during pregnancy? Women's experience with prescribing providers.
Academic Article Enhancing Participation in Depression Care in Outpatient Perinatal Care Settings: A Systematic Review.
Academic Article Consensus Bundle on Maternal Mental Health: Perinatal Depression and Anxiety.
Academic Article Consensus Bundle on Maternal Mental Health: Perinatal Depression and Anxiety.
Academic Article Education Mitigates the Relationship of Stress and Mental Disorders Among Rural Indian Women.
Academic Article PRogram In Support of Moms (PRISM): a pilot group randomized controlled trial of two approaches to improving depression among perinatal women.
Academic Article Bridging the Gap for Perinatal Veterans: Care by Mental Health Providers at the Veterans Health Administration.
Academic Article The PRogram In Support of Moms (PRISM): study protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trial of two active interventions addressing perinatal depression in obstetric settings.
Academic Article Treatment and Management of Depression Symptoms in Pregnant Veterans: Varying Experiences of Mental Health Care in the Prenatal Period.
Academic Article Screening for Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders in Obstetric Settings.
Academic Article Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health, access to care, and health disparities in the perinatal period.
Academic Article The role of clinician assistants in addressing perinatal depression.
Academic Article Perspectives on barriers and facilitators to mental health support after a traumatic birth among a sample of primarily White and privately insured patients.
Academic Article Preventing Pregnancy-Related Mental Health Deaths: Insights From 14 US Maternal Mortality Review Committees, 2008-17.
Academic Article Pharmacologic Treatment for Perinatal Mental Health Disorders.
Academic Article A national survey on adaptations by perinatal psychiatry access programs to promote perinatal mental healthcare equity.
Academic Article The Effects of Breastfeeding on Maternal Mental Health: A Systematic Review.
Academic Article The role of perinatal psychiatry access programs in advancing mental health equity.
Academic Article The end of Roe v. Wade: implications for Women's mental health and care.
Academic Article The Pressing Need to Integrate Mental Health into Obstetric Care.
Academic Article Screening, Assessment, and Treatment of Perinatal Mental Health in Obstetrical Settings.
Academic Article Increasing Access To Perinatal Mental Health Care: The Perinatal Psychiatry Access Program Model.
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