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Dr. David Smelson is a Tenured Professor of Medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and former Vice Chair of Clinical Research in the Department of Psychiatry, a position he held from 2008-2018. He currently directs the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Center of Excellence in Addictions. He has been consecutively funded federally for the past 25 years by NIH (NIDA, NIAAA, NCCIH), VA, BJA and SAMHSA. His work focuses on studying and implementing treatments for addiction and co-occurring mental health and substance use.

Examples of funding include:

NIMH 1R01MH128904-01 (Smelson, Gonzalez, Li)  (Co-PI's)                                                                                                             Title: Supporting Treatment Access and Recovery for Co-Occurring Opioid Use and Mental Health Disorders

THis project will test MISSION as a whole or its parts in addition to Medication for Opioid use Disorder (MOUD) and the cost implications for opioid addiction.

Costs: $12,321,934

Role: Co-Principal Investigator

NIH/NIAAA R01AA028240-01A (Epstein, Smelson, Sherman) (Co-PI's)  

Title: A Female-Specific Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Group for Alcohol Use Disorder in VA Primary Care Settings

This randomized clinical trial will test a female-Veteran-centric adapted CBT group therapy for AUD and other health behaviors located in VA Primary Care setting.

Costs: $3,638,940

Role: Co-Principal Investigator

NIH/NIDA R41DA044030-01A1 David Smelson (PI) 
Title: MISSION-U: A Multimedia Training Tool for Treating Individuals with Co-occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders
This study involves the partnering with a small business to commercialize continuing education for the MISSION Model and creating a continuing education platform for MISSION.
Costs: $243,000, direct & indirect costs
Role: Principal Investigator 

NIH/NIDA R42 AA026751-2 David Smelson (PI) 
Title: MISSION-U: A Multimedia Training Tool for Treating Individuals with Co-occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders
This is a phase 2 study in partnership between UMASS Medical School and Praxis to commercialize a continuing education e-learning program to train treatment providers on the MISSION Model.
Costs: $1,499,913.00, direct & indirect costs
Role: Principal Investigator

NIDA K23 Award Stephanie Carreiro (PI) 
Title: iTransform: Wearable Biosensors to Detect the Evolution of Opioid Tolerance in Opioid Naïve Individuals
This project utilizes machine learning approaches to evaluate opioid use and the evolution of tolerance in opioid naive individuals as measured by a wearable biosensor.
Costs: $800,000.00, direct & indirect costs
Role: Mentor (donated)

SAMHSA CSAT 1H79TI080430 David Smelson (PI) 
Title: Maintaining Independence and Sobriety through Systems Integration, Outreach and Networking-Western Massachusetts (MISSION-West)
The goals of this project are to implement and evaluate the MISSION model for ending chronic homelessness in Springfield Metro Area.
Costs: $2,135,454.00, direct & indirect costs
Role: Principal Investigator

BRIDGE QUERI Center of Excellence
The BRIDGE QUERI includes a series of center cores and four projects that focuses on interventions for vulnerable populations of Veterans, including those experiencing homelessness, those with HIV and Hepatitis C and those exiting incarceration. The primary contribution of these projects and the center cores will be to refine service delivery models to address the health care and other service needs of these underrepresented populations.
Costs: $3,975,000.00, direct & indirect costs.
Role: Co-Principal Investigator 

 VA HSR&D Investigator Initiated Research Daniel Blonigen, David Smelson (Co-PIs) 
Title: Improving Treatment Engagement and Outcomes among Justice-involved Veterans
This project will be a multisite RCT to test the effectiveness of Moral Reconation Therapy to reduce risk for criminal recidivism and improve health-related outcomes among justice-involved Veterans.
Costs: $1,362,265.00, direct costs

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Academic Article Serious mental illness and tobacco addiction: a model program to address this common but neglected issue.
Academic Article Improving the care of individuals with schizophrenia and substance use disorders: consensus recommendations.
Academic Article A wraparound treatment engagement intervention for homeless veterans with co-occurring disorders.
Academic Article Telephone care coordination for smokers in VA mental health clinics: protocol for a hybrid type-2 effectiveness-implementation trial.
Academic Article Supporting the education goals of post-9/11 veterans with self-reported PTSD symptoms: a needs assessment.
Concept Mental Health Services
Concept Mental Health
Concept Community Mental Health Services
Academic Article Sex differences in mental health and substance use disorders and treatment entry among justice-involved Veterans in the Veterans Health Administration.
Academic Article A cluster randomized Hybrid Type III trial testing an implementation support strategy to facilitate the use of an evidence-based practice in VA homeless programs.
Academic Article Telephone Smoking-Cessation Counseling for Smokers in Mental Health Clinics: A Patient-Randomized Controlled Trial.
Academic Article Gambling involvement indicative of underlying behavioral and mental health disorders.
Academic Article Integrating Permanent Supportive Housing and Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment for Individuals Who Are Homeless.
Academic Article Patterns and predictors of engagement in peer support among homeless veterans with mental health conditions and substance use histories.
Academic Article Substance Use and Mental Health Stigma in Veterans With Co-Occurring Disorders.
Academic Article Use of Veterans Health Administration Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Treatment After Exiting Prison: The Health Care for Reentry Veterans Program.
Academic Article Relationship between tobacco cessation and mental health outcomes in a tobacco cessation trial.
Academic Article Developing a research agenda for understanding the stigma of addictions Part I: Lessons from the Mental Health Stigma Literature.
Academic Article Developing a research agenda for reducing the stigma of addictions, part II: Lessons from the mental health stigma literature.
Academic Article Cognitive-behavioral treatments for criminogenic thinking: Barriers and facilitators to implementation within the Veterans Health Administration.
Academic Article A Qualitative Evaluation of Mental Health Clinic Staff Perceptions of Barriers and Facilitators to Treating Tobacco Use.
Academic Article Study protocol: a hybrid effectiveness-implementation trial of Moral Reconation Therapy in the US Veterans Health Administration.
Academic Article An evidence-based co-occurring disorder intervention in VA homeless programs: outcomes from a hybrid III trial.
Academic Article Integrating a Co-occurring Disorders Intervention in Drug Courts: An Open Pilot Trial.
Academic Article Overdose risk for veterans receiving opioids from multiple sources.
Academic Article A two-state comparative implementation of peer-support intervention to link veterans to health-related services after incarceration: a study protocol.
Academic Article Permanent Supportive Housing and Specialized Co-Occurring Disorders Wraparound Services for Homeless Individuals.
Academic Article Evaluating the implementation of a prisoner re-entry initiative for individuals with opioid use and mental health disorders: Application of the consolidated framework for implementation research in a cross-system initiative.
Academic Article Public Perceptions of Recovery Prospects and Peer Style (Support and Confrontation) in Services for Serious Mental Illness Versus Substance Use Disorder.
Academic Article Implementation of MISSION-Criminal Justice in a Treatment Court: Preliminary Outcomes Among Individuals With Co-occurring Disorders.
Academic Article Impact of Peer Specialist Services on Residential Stability and Behavioral Health Status Among Formerly Homeless Veterans With Cooccurring Mental Health and Substance Use Conditions.
Academic Article U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans Justice Outreach Program: Connecting Justice-Involved Veterans with Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Treatment.
Academic Article National Survey of Legal Clinics Housed by the Department of Veterans Affairs to Inform Partnerships with Health and Community Services.
Academic Article Risk-need-responsivity and its application in behavioral health settings: A feasibility study of a treatment planning support tool.
Academic Article Implementation Potential of Moral Reconation Therapy for Criminal Recidivism in Mental Health Residential Programs.
Academic Article Digital Health Interventions for Mental Health, Substance Use, and Co-occurring Disorders in the Criminal Justice Population: A Scoping Review.
Academic Article A randomized controlled trial of moral reconation therapy to reduce risk for criminal recidivism among justice-involved adults in mental health residential treatment.
Academic Article Racial and ethnic differences in behavioral health, criminal legal system involvement, and service needs among mental health court participants: Implications for service delivery.
Academic Article Identifying strategies to advance equitable implementation of co-occurring mental health and substance use disorder treatment in drug treatment courts: A study protocol.
Academic Article The Effectiveness of a Telephone Smoking Cessation Program in Mental Health Clinic Patients by Level of Mental Well-Being and Functioning: A Secondary Data Analysis of a Randomized Clinical Trial.
Academic Article Community reentry: Racial/ethnic differences in unmet needs among adults with co-occurring opioid use and mental health disorder.
Academic Article The effectiveness of a telephone smoking cessation program in mental health clinic patients by level of mental well-being and functioning: a secondary data analysis of a randomized clinical trial.
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