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Academic Article Group B streptococci escape host immunity by deletion of tandem repeat elements of the alpha C protein.
Academic Article Early-onset group B streptococcal disease in the era of maternal screening.
Academic Article The internet and the global monitoring of emerging diseases: lessons from the first 10 years of ProMED-mail.
Academic Article Evaluation of ProMED-mail as an electronic early warning system for emerging animal diseases: 1996 to 2004.
Academic Article Digital disease detection--harnessing the Web for public health surveillance.
Academic Article Global capacity for emerging infectious disease detection.
Academic Article Emerging fungal threats to animal, plant and ecosystem health.
Academic Article Timeliness of nongovernmental versus governmental global outbreak communications.
Academic Article Latest outbreak news from ProMED-mail: novel coronavirus -- Middle East.
Academic Article Measuring vaccine confidence: analysis of data obtained by a media surveillance system used to analyse public concerns about vaccines.
Academic Article ProMED-mail: an early warning system for emerging diseases.
Academic Article Cooperation between animal and human health sectors is key to the detection, surveillance, and control of emerging disease: IMED 2007 meeting in Vienna, February 2007.
Academic Article Forecasting high-priority infectious disease surveillance regions: a socioeconomic model.
Concept Communicable Diseases
Concept Infectious Disease Transmission, Vertical
Concept Communicable Diseases, Emerging
Concept Communicable Disease Control
Academic Article Factors influencing performance of internet-based biosurveillance systems used in epidemic intelligence for early detection of infectious diseases outbreaks.
Academic Article Web-Based Surveillance Systems for Human, Animal, and Plant Diseases.
Academic Article Global Capacity for Emerging Infectious Disease Detection, 1996-2014.
Academic Article ProMED-mail: 22 years of digital surveillance of emerging infectious diseases.
Academic Article Biosurveillance: a systematic review of global infectious disease surveillance systems from 1900 to 2016.
Academic Article Evaluation of the EpiCore outbreak verification system.
Academic Article Planning an innovation marathon at an infectious disease conference with results from the International Meeting on Emerging Diseases and Surveillance 2016 Hackathon.
Academic Article Bending the epidemic curve: advancements and opportunities to reduce the threat of emerging pathogens.
Academic Article International Society for Infectious Diseases - Sustained and continuous funding for WHO.
Academic Article Infectious disease outbreaks among forcibly displaced persons: an analysis of ProMED reports 1996-2016.
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