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Academic Article Managed mental health care's effects on arrest and forensic commitment.
Academic Article Forensic mental illness and other policy misadventures. Commentary on "extending assertive community treatment to criminal justice settings: origins, current evidence, and future directions".
Academic Article Use of a state inpatient forensic system under managed mental health care.
Academic Article Risk of arrest among public mental health services recipients and the general public.
Academic Article Public policy and limits of diversion programs for reducing jail exposure of persons with serious mental illness.
Academic Article Integrating the criminal justice system into mental health service delivery: the worcester diversion experience.
Academic Article Beyond criminalization: toward a criminologically informed framework for mental health policy and services research.
Academic Article Patterns and prevalence of arrest in a statewide cohort of mental health care consumers.
Academic Article Involuntary outpatient treatment as "desintitutionalized coercion": the net-widening concerns.
Academic Article Drug-related arrests in a cohort of public mental health service recipients.
Academic Article Arrests of adolescent clients of a public mental health system during adolescence and young adulthood.
Academic Article Justice system involvement into young adulthood: comparison of adolescent girls in the public mental health system and in the general population.
Academic Article The impact of regionalization on reentry service outcomes for individuals with severe mental illness.
Academic Article Categorizing temporal patterns of arrest in a cohort of adults with serious mental illness.
Academic Article The research potential of administrative data from state mental health agencies.
Concept Mental Health Services
Concept Community Mental Health Centers
Concept Mental Health
Concept Community Mental Health Services
Academic Article State Laws on Emergency Holds for Mental Health Stabilization.
Academic Article Keeping Clubhouses Open: Toward a Roadmap for Sustainability.
Concept Mental Health Recovery
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