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Academic Article National study of US emergency department visits for attempted suicide and self-inflicted injury, 1997-2001.
Academic Article Multicenter study of predictors of suicide screening in emergency departments.
Academic Article Trends in US emergency department visits for attempted suicide and self-inflicted injury, 1993-2008.
Academic Article Screening for suicidal ideation and attempts among emergency department medical patients: instrument and results from the Psychiatric Emergency Research Collaboration.
Academic Article The Emergency Department Safety Assessment and Follow-up Evaluation (ED-SAFE): method and design considerations.
Academic Article Evaluating current patterns of assessment for self-harm in emergency departments: a multicenter study.
Concept Suicide, Attempted
Concept Suicide
Academic Article Knowledge, attitudes, and practices of emergency department providers in the care of suicidal patients.
Academic Article Lethal means restriction for suicide prevention: beliefs and behaviors of emergency department providers.
Academic Article Suicide risk screening and assessment: designing instruments with dissemination in mind.
Academic Article Screening youth for suicide risk in medical settings: time to ask questions.
Academic Article Using structured telephone follow-up assessments to improve suicide-related adverse event detection.
Academic Article The patient safety screener: validation of a brief suicide risk screener for emergency department settings.
Academic Article Change in emergency department providers' beliefs and practices after use of new protocols for suicidal patients.
Academic Article Implementation and use of a crisis hotline during the treatment as usual and universal screening phases of a suicide intervention study.
Academic Article Managing Suicidal Patients in the Emergency Department.
Academic Article Factors Associated With Suicide Outcomes 12 Months After Screening Positive for Suicide Risk in the Emergency Department.
Academic Article Improving Suicide Risk Screening and Detection in the Emergency Department.
Academic Article Screening for Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors in Older Adults in the Emergency Department.
Academic Article Substance Use as a Mediator of the Association Between Demographics, Suicide Attempt History, and Future Suicide Attempts in Emergency Department Patients.
Academic Article The Patient Safety Screener: Validation of a Brief Suicide Risk Screener for Emergency Department Settings.
Academic Article Reducing Suicide Risk: Challenges and Opportunities in the Emergency Department.
Academic Article Computer Administered Safety Planning for Individuals at Risk for Suicide: Development and Usability Testing.
Academic Article Development of a Computerized Adaptive Test Suicide Scale-The CAT-SS.
Academic Article Suicide Prevention in an Emergency Department Population: The ED-SAFE Study.
Academic Article Development and pilot study of simple suicide risk rulers for use in the emergency department.
Academic Article Predictive utility of an emergency department decision support tool in patients with active suicidal ideation.
Academic Article Applying Computer Adaptive Testing Methods to Suicide Risk Screening in the Emergency Department.
Academic Article Frequency of lethal means assessment among emergency department patients with a positive suicide risk screen.
Academic Article Universal Suicide Risk Screening in the Hospital Setting: Still a Pandora's Box?
Academic Article Which Chart Elements Accurately Identify Emergency Department Visits for Suicidal Ideation or Behavior?
Academic Article Emergency Department patients with suicide risk: Differences in care by acute alcohol use.
Academic Article Disparities in Treatment of Older Adults with Suicide Risk in the Emergency Department.
Academic Article Higher Educational Attainment is Associated with Lower Risk of a Future Suicide Attempt Among Non-Hispanic Whites but not Non-Hispanic Blacks.
Academic Article Screening and Intervention for Suicide Prevention: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of the ED-SAFE Interventions.
Academic Article An Interactive Web-Based Lethal Means Safety Decision Aid for Suicidal Adults (Lock to Live): Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial.
Academic Article Validation of a Secondary Screener for Suicide Risk: Results from the Emergency Department Safety Assessment and Follow-up Evaluation (ED-SAFE).
Academic Article Validation of the Ask Suicide-Screening Questions for Adult Medical Inpatients: A Brief Tool for All Ages.
Academic Article Emergency department safety assessment and follow-up evaluation 2: An implementation trial to improve suicide prevention.
Academic Article C-SSRS performance in emergency department patients at high risk for suicide.
Academic Article A randomized, controlled trial of the safety planning intervention: Research design and methods.
Academic Article Reconciling Statistical and Clinicians' Predictions of Suicide Risk.
Academic Article Limitations of Screening for Depression as a Proxy for Suicide Risk in Adult Medical Inpatients.
Academic Article Applying Machine Learning Approaches to Suicide Prediction Using Healthcare Data: Overview and Future Directions.
Academic Article Harnessing Innovative Technologies to Train Nurses in Suicide Safety Planning With Hospitalized Patients: Protocol for Formative and Pilot Feasibility Research.
Academic Article Learning from gain and loss: Links to suicide risk.
Academic Article Corrigendum to "Learning from gain and loss: Links to suicide risk" [J. Psychiatr. Res. 147 (2022) 126-134].
Academic Article Clinical Pathway for Suicide Risk Screening in Adult Primary Care Settings: Special Recommendations.
Academic Article Universal Suicide Screening Is Feasible and Necessary to Reduce Suicide.
Academic Article Suicide Screening Tools for Pediatric Emergency Department Patients: A Systematic Review.
Academic Article Preventing Suicide in Health Systems: How Can Implementation Science Help?
Academic Article Studying the implementation of Zero Suicide in a large health system: Challenges, adaptations, and lessons learned.
Academic Article Acute and intensive care nurses' perspectives on suicide prevention with medically hospitalized patients: Exploring barriers, facilitators, interests, and training opportunities.
Academic Article Effect of an Emergency Department Process Improvement Package on Suicide Prevention: The ED-SAFE 2 Cluster Randomized Clinical Trial.
Academic Article Screening and Assessing Suicide Risk in Medical Settings: Feasible Strategies for Early Detection.
Academic Article Systems Approach to Suicide Prevention: Strengthening Culture, Practice, and Education.
Academic Article Chronic Pain, Hopelessness, and Suicide Risk Among Adult Medical Inpatients.
Academic Article Clinician Attitudes Toward Suicide Prevention Practices and Their Implementation: Findings From the System of Safety Study.
Academic Article Longitudinal risk of suicide outcomes in people with severe mental illness following an emergency department visit and the effects of suicide prevention treatment.
Academic Article Evaluating the Prevalence of Four Recommended Practices for Suicide Prevention Following Hospital Discharge.
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