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Academic Article The association of cigarette smoking with self-reported disease before middle age: the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults (CARDIA) study.
Academic Article Using a resource effect study pre-pilot to inform a large randomized trial: the Decide2Quit.Org Web-assisted tobacco intervention.
Academic Article Cluster-randomized trial of a web-assisted tobacco quality improvement intervention of subsequent patient tobacco product use: a National Dental PBRN study.
Academic Article Who participates in Web-assisted tobacco interventions? The QUIT-PRIMO and National Dental Practice-Based Research Network Hi-Quit studies.
Academic Article Active and passive smoking and development of glucose intolerance among young adults in a prospective cohort: CARDIA study.
Academic Article Does delayed measurement affect patient reports of provider performance? Implications for performance measurement of medical assistance with tobacco cessation: a Dental PBRN study.
Academic Article Internet delivered support for tobacco control in dental practice: randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Overcoming limits to tobacco control: using the Internet to bridge clinical and public health interventions.
Academic Article Cognitive mapping tobacco control advice for dentistry: a dental PBRN study.
Concept Tobacco Industry
Concept Tobacco Use Cessation
Concept Tobacco Smoke Pollution
Concept Tobacco Use Disorder
Academic Article Variations in tobacco control in National Dental PBRN practices: the role of patient and practice factors.
Academic Article Narratives to enhance smoking cessation interventions among African-American smokers, the ACCE project.
Academic Article Online tobacco websites and online communities-who uses them and do users quit smoking? The quit-primo and national dental practice-based research network Hi-Quit studies.
Academic Article Share2Quit: Online Social Network Peer Marketing of Tobacco Cessation Systems.
Academic Article Exploring Online Asynchronous Counseling With Tobacco Treatment Specialists in the QUIT-PRIMO and National Dental PBRN HI-QUIT Studies: Who Uses It and What Do They Say?
Academic Article Dissemination and Effectiveness of the Peer Marketing and Messaging of a Web-Assisted Tobacco Intervention: Protocol for a Hybrid Effectiveness Trial.
Academic Article The 'Take a Break' game: Randomized trial protocol for a technology-assisted brief abstinence experience designed to engage lower-motivated smokers.
Academic Article Secure Asynchronous Communication Between Smokers and Tobacco Treatment Specialists: Secondary Analysis of a Web-Assisted Tobacco Intervention in the QUIT-PRIMO and National Dental PBRN Networks.
Academic Article Tobacco manufacturers' defence against plaintiffs' claims of cancer causation: throwing mud at the wall and hoping some of it will stick.
Academic Article Comparing recruitment strategies for a digital smoking cessation intervention: Technology-assisted peer recruitment, social media, ResearchMatch, and smokefree.gov.
Concept Tobacco Smoking
Academic Article Effect of Technology-Assisted Brief Abstinence Game on Long-term Smoking Cessation in Individuals Not Yet Ready to Quit: A Randomized Clinical Trial.
Academic Article Monitoring the Implementation of Tobacco Cessation Support Tools: Using Novel Electronic Health Record Activity Metrics.
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