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  • Medical School, Duke University School of Medicine, Durham, North Carolina
  • Residency in Medicine, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina
  • Fellowship in Endocrinology, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC


  • Chief, Diabetes, UMass Memorial Medical Center
  • Co-Director, Diabetes Center of Excellence, UMass Memorial Medical Center
  • Professor of Medicine, University of Massachusetts Medical School


  • Tolerance mechanisms and organ/tissue transplantation
  • Autoimmune illnesses, especially insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
  • Human beta cell biology
  • Improving diabetes care delivery systems


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Academic Article Costimulatory molecules are active in the human xenoreactive T-cell response but not in natural killer-mediated cytotoxicity.
Academic Article Effects of dose and duration of anti-CD154 antibody therapy in preventing renal allograft rejection in a nonhuman primate model.
Academic Article Primate skin allotransplantation with anti-CD154 monotherapy.
Academic Article Induction therapy with monoclonal antibodies specific for CD80 and CD86 delays the onset of acute renal allograft rejection in non-human primates.
Academic Article Cytokine polymorphic analyses indicate ethnic differences in the allelic distribution of interleukin-2 and interleukin-6.
Academic Article Transplantation tolerance.
Academic Article CTLA4-Ig and anti-CD40 ligand prevent renal allograft rejection in primates.
Academic Article Preclinical evaluation of tolerance induction protocols and islet transplantation in non-human primates.
Academic Article Ex vivo culture with human brain endothelial cells increases the SCID-repopulating capacity of adult human bone marrow.
Academic Article Kidney transplantation with rabbit antithymocyte globulin induction and sirolimus monotherapy.
Academic Article Porcine CD80: cloning, characterization, and evidence for its role in direct human T-cell activation.
Academic Article Rabbit antithymocyte globulin induction and sirolimus monotherapy supports prolonged islet allograft function in a nonhuman primate islet transplantation model.
Academic Article Results from a human renal allograft tolerance trial evaluating the humanized CD52-specific monoclonal antibody alemtuzumab (CAMPATH-1H).
Academic Article Sirolimus-induced interstitial pneumonitis in an islet transplant recipient.
Academic Article Gene-altered islets for transplant: giant leap or small step?
Academic Article Resistin serum levels in type 1 diabetes pre- and post-islet transplantation.
Academic Article Islet transplantation as a treatment for diabetes.
Academic Article Inducing unresponsiveness by the use of anti-CD3 immunotoxin, CTLA4-Ig, and anti-CD40 ligand.
Academic Article Treatment with humanized monoclonal antibody against CD154 prevents acute renal allograft rejection in nonhuman primates.
Academic Article Long-term survival and function of intrahepatic islet allografts in baboons treated with humanized anti-CD154.
Academic Article Long-term survival and function of intrahepatic islet allografts in rhesus monkeys treated with humanized anti-CD154.
Academic Article The contribution of Fc effector mechanisms in the efficacy of anti-CD154 immunotherapy depends on the nature of the immune challenge.
Academic Article Challenges facing islet transplantation for the treatment of type 1 diabetes mellitus.
Academic Article The future of organ and tissue transplantation: can T-cell costimulatory pathway modifiers revolutionize the prevention of graft rejection?
Academic Article Radiologic aspects of islet cell transplantation.
Academic Article Assessment of islet function following islet and pancreas transplantation.
Academic Article Pancreatic islet cell therapy for type I diabetes: understanding the effects of glucose stimulation on islets in order to produce better islets for transplantation.
Academic Article The role of CD154 in organ transplant rejection and acceptance.
Academic Article Pancreatic beta cell function persists in many patients with chronic type 1 diabetes, but is not dramatically improved by prolonged immunosuppression and euglycaemia from a beta cell allograft.
Academic Article Transduction of rat pancreatic islets with pseudotyped adeno-associated virus vectors.
Academic Article Counterpoint: clinical islet transplantation: not ready for prime time.
Academic Article Association of cytokine polymorphic inheritance and in vitro cytokine production in anti-CD3/CD28-stimulated peripheral blood lymphocytes.
Academic Article Current advances and travails in islet transplantation.
Academic Article Treatment with the humanized CD154-specific monoclonal antibody, hu5C8, prevents acute rejection of primary skin allografts in nonhuman primates.
Academic Article Human platelets activate porcine endothelial cells through a CD154-dependent pathway.
Academic Article Islet transplantation and the challenges of treating type 1 diabetes.
Academic Article Immunological concerns with bioengineering approaches.
Academic Article Islet cell allotransplantation as a model system for a bioengineering approach to reparative medicine: immunological concerns.
Academic Article Immune response to engineered tissues and cells: breakout session summary.
Academic Article Pancreatic islet transplantation using the nonhuman primate (rhesus) model predicts that the portal vein is superior to the celiac artery as the islet infusion site.
Academic Article Efficacy and toxicity of a protocol using sirolimus, tacrolimus and daclizumab in a nonhuman primate renal allotransplant model.
Academic Article Humanized anti-CD154 antibody therapy for the treatment of allograft rejection in nonhuman primates.
Academic Article Combination induction therapy with monoclonal antibodies specific for CD80, CD86, and CD154 in nonhuman primate renal transplantation.
Academic Article Histopathological study of intrahepatic islets transplanted in the nonhuman primate model using edmonton protocol immunosuppression.
Academic Article Studies investigating pretransplant donor-specific blood transfusion, rapamycin, and the CD154-specific antibody IDEC-131 in a nonhuman primate model of skin allotransplantation.
Academic Article Islet transplantation: where do we stand now?
Academic Article Effects of combined treatment with CD25- and CD154-specific monoclonal antibodies in non-human primate allotransplantation.
Academic Article State of the art: islet transplantation for the cure of type 1 diabetes mellitus.
Academic Article Benefits and risks of solitary islet transplantation for type 1 diabetes using steroid-sparing immunosuppression: the National Institutes of Health experience.
Academic Article Survival after pancreas transplantation in patients with diabetes and preserved kidney function.
Academic Article Pulmonary angiography for the diagnosis of thromboembolic events in the non-human primate.
Academic Article Pancreatic islet transplantation.
Academic Article Assessment of pancreatic islet mass after islet transplantation using in vivo bioluminescence imaging.
Academic Article Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation prevents diabetes in NOD mice but does not contribute to significant islet cell regeneration once disease is established.
Academic Article Metabolic function of a suboptimal transplanted islet mass in nonhuman primates on rapamycin monotherapy.
Academic Article Humanized mice for the study of type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
Concept Kidney Transplantation
Concept Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
Concept Transplantation Immunology
Concept Transplantation Tolerance
Concept Transplantation, Heterotopic
Concept Transplantation, Heterologous
Concept Transplantation Conditioning
Concept Tissue Transplantation
Concept Transplantation, Homologous
Concept Skin Transplantation
Concept Pancreas Transplantation
Concept Organ Transplantation
Concept Transplantation, Autologous
Concept Islets of Langerhans Transplantation
Academic Article Long-term immunosuppression after solitary islet transplantation is associated with preserved C-peptide secretion for more than a decade.
Academic Article Islet Transplantation for Hypoglycemia Unawareness/Severe Hypoglycemia: Caveat Emptor.
Academic Article Response to Comment on Harlan. Islet Transplantation for Hypoglycemia Unawareness/Severe Hypoglycemia: Caveat Emptor. Diabetes Care 2016;39:1072-1074.

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