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Judith Savageau, MPH, Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health, is an epidemiologist and biostatistician with over 25 years of experience in a variety of investigations of community-based, public health issues. Her particular interests include the identification of factors related to the utilization of health care and compliance with preventive health measures, especially in the fields of adolescent medicine and maternal and child health. The relationship between these outcomes and the development of interventions to improve the quality of medical care are a focus for future research endeavors – especially as they relate to medical education and faculty development efforts. Ms. Savageau has extensive teaching experience both at the medical school and in the UMass School of Public Health and has mentored dozens of medical students, residents, fellows, graduate students, and junior faculty in a variety of research projects.


Office: Benedict Building, A3-203
Phone: 774-442-6535

Current Positions

Director - UMMS Senior Scholars Program


Yale University School of Medicine/School of Public Health,
Chronic Disease Epidemiology and Biostatistics, MPH, 1980
Northeastern University, Biology, BS, 1977


Member - American Public Health Association
Member - Society for Epidemiologic Research
Member - AcademyHealth
Member - Massachusetts Public Health Association

UMMS Center for Health Policy and Research – affiliated faculty
UMMS Senior Scholars Program Committee - committee member / Chair
UMMS Advanced Studies Curriculum Committee – committee member / Vice Chair
UMMS Longitudinal Curriculum Committeee - committee member UMMS
Flexible Clinical Electives Curriculum Committee - committee member
UMMS Institutional Review Board / Human Subjects – committee member

Scholarly Activity

Predoctoral Training in Primary Care (HRSA)
Quality Improvement Across the Curriculum (HRSA)
Recruitment and Retention of PCPs at Community Health Centers (AHEC)
Self-Injurious Behavior in American Prisons (CWM)
Oral Health Integration in Primary Care 
Tobacco Cessation Among MassHealth and Low Income Populations (DPH)

Diabetes and Prediabetes Screening (DPH)
Center for Health Policy and Research (UMMS/Commonwealth Medicine)
– multiple studies (MA EOHHS, MassHealth, DMH and DPH state funding)


Ms. Savageau has mentored countless second year medical students during their UMMS-sponsored summer research fellowship. She has additionally mentored fourth year medical students participating in the Senior Scholars Program and well as many MPH graduate students, Preventive Medicine Residents, Pediatric Residents and FMCH faculty investigators. Ms. Savageau has taught in the medical school and in the MPH program for many years and had conducted numerous technical seminars and workshops throughout the UMMS campus in the areas of literature searching, evaluating medical journal articles, writing literature reviews, scientific writing for publication, developing research projects, research methodology, research mentoring, study design and bias, data entry applications, and data analysis.

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