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Academic Article Unmet needs of primary care patients in using the Internet for health-related activities.
Academic Article Evaluating the impact of non-response bias in the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS).
Concept Health Surveys
Concept Health Care Surveys
Concept Data Collection
Academic Article Correlates of motorcycle helmet use among recent graduates of a motorcycle training course.
Academic Article Prevalence and correlates of recent and repeat mammography among California women ages 55-79.
Academic Article Supporting home- and community-based care: views of long-term care specialists.
Academic Article Using cancer registry data for recruitment of sexual minority women: successes and limitations.
Academic Article Cervical cancer prevention: Asian-American women's knowledge and participation in screening practices.
Academic Article Differential response effects of data collection mode in a cancer screening study of unmarried women ages 40-75 years: a randomized trial.
Academic Article Comparing sexual minority cancer survivors recruited through a cancer registry to convenience methods of recruitment.
Academic Article Measuring sexual orientation and gender expression among middle-aged and older women in a cancer screening study.
Academic Article Planning for future care needs: experiences of unmarried heterosexual and sexual minority women.
Academic Article Lesbian and bisexual women's adjustment after a breast cancer diagnosis.
Academic Article Association between sexual behaviors, bullying victimization and suicidal ideation in a national sample of high school students: implications of a sexual double standard.
Academic Article Correlates of repeat and recent mammography for women ages 45 to 75 in the 2002 to 2003 Health Information National Trends Survey (HINTS 2003).
Academic Article Filling the gaps in physician communication. The role of the Internet among primary care patients.
Academic Article Correlates of mammography in a national analysis compared to results in quintile- and regionally-defined samples.
Academic Article Prevalence and correlates of repeat mammography among women aged 55-79 in the Year 2000 National Health Interview Survey.
Academic Article Behavioral theory in a diverse society: like a compass on Mars.
Academic Article Two means of sampling sexual minority women: how different are the samples of women?
Academic Article Effects of a fingerprint reader on survey responses of primary care patients.
Academic Article Peer associations for substance use and exercise in a college student social network.
Academic Article Is self-perceived HIV risk congruent with reported HIV risk among traditionally lower HIV risk and prevalence adult emergency department patients? Implications for HIV testing.
Academic Article Cigarette smoking and the lifetime alcohol involvement continuum.
Academic Article Patients' emergency contraception comprehension, usage, and view of the emergency department role for emergency contraception.
Academic Article Contraceptive usage, knowledge and correlates of usage among female emergency department patients.
Academic Article Variability of current symptoms in women with pelvic organ prolapse.
Academic Article Implications of question format in emergency department preventive health knowledge surveys.
Academic Article Correlates of women's cancer screening and contraceptive knowledge among female emergency department patients.
Academic Article Defining social support systems for women with breast cancer.
Academic Article Comparison of patient comprehension of rapid HIV pre-test fundamentals by information delivery format in an emergency department setting.
Academic Article Women's preventive health service preferences in the Rhode Island Hospital Emergency Department.
Academic Article Validation of decision-making outcomes for female pelvic floor disorders.
Academic Article Abnormal uterine bleeding: a review of patient-based outcome measures.
Academic Article Breast and cervical cancer screening practices among disabled women aged 40-75: does quality of the experience matter?
Academic Article Negative opinions about cancer screening and contraceptive measures by female emergency department patients.
Academic Article Emergency department patient acceptance of opt-in, universal, rapid HIV screening.
Academic Article The relationship of reported HIV risk and history of HIV testing among emergency department patients.
Academic Article Treatment decision-making and information-seeking preferences in women with pelvic floor disorders.
Academic Article Nursing home organizational change: the "Culture Change" movement as viewed by long-term care specialists.
Academic Article Questioning our questions: do frequently asked questions adequately cover the aspects of women's lives most affected by abnormal uterine bleeding? Opinions of women with abnormal uterine bleeding participating in focus group discussions.
Academic Article The taste for regulation in long-term care.
Academic Article How valid are the responses to nursing home survey questions? Some issues and concerns.
Academic Article Conducting telephone interviews with community-dwelling older adults in a state Medicaid program: differences by ethnicity and language preference.
Academic Article Surveying ourselves: examining the use of a web-based approach for a physician survey.
Academic Article Content validation of the patient-reported outcomes measurement information system (PROMIS) framework in women with urinary incontinence.
Academic Article A randomized trial of the impact of survey design characteristics on response rates among nursing home providers.
Academic Article Can computer-based feedback improve emergency department patient uptake of rapid HIV screening?
Academic Article Telephone and face to face methods of assessment of veteran's community reintegration yield equivalent results.
Academic Article The Care Span: Growth of racial and ethnic minorities in US nursing homes driven by demographics and possible disparities in options.
Academic Article Practice patterns and attitudes about treating abnormal uterine bleeding: a national survey of obstetricians and gynecologists.
Academic Article Perspectives on the ethical concerns and justifications of the 2006 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention HIV testing recommendations.
Academic Article Patient and clinician ethical perspectives on the 2006 Centers for Disease Control and prevention HIV testing methods.
Academic Article High risk health behaviors and healthcare access among female adult entertainment club employees.
Academic Article Culture change practice in U.S. Nursing homes: prevalence and variation by state medicaid reimbursement policies.
Academic Article Surveying emergency medicine.
Academic Article Abnormal uterine bleeding, health status, and usual source of medical care: analyses using the Medical Expenditures Panel Survey.
Academic Article Surveying multiple health professional team members within institutional settings: an example from the nursing home industry.
Academic Article HIV status, knowledge of mother-to-child transmission of HIV and antenatal care use among Ethiopian women.
Academic Article A survey of resident attitudes and behaviors regarding youth violence prevention in the acute care setting.
Academic Article Efficacy of an HIV/AIDS and HIV testing video for Spanish-speaking Latinos in healthcare and non-healthcare settings.
Academic Article Imaging of pediatric head injury in the emergency department.
Academic Article Timing of Survey Administration After Hospice Patient Death: Stability of Bereaved Respondents.
Academic Article Heads Up: Communication Is Key in School Nurses' Preparedness for Facilitating "Return to Learn" Following Concussion.
Academic Article Placing Bundled Payments in Perspective: A Survey of the New England Ophthalmological Society.
Academic Article Weighing public and private options for reforming long-term care financing: findings from a national survey of specialists.
Academic Article The role of motorcycle taxi drivers in the pre-hospital care of road traffic injury victims in rural Dominican Republic.
Academic Article Reforming long-term care in the United States: findings from a national survey of specialists.
Academic Article The menstrual bleeding questionnaire: development and validation of a comprehensive patient-reported outcome instrument for heavy menstrual bleeding.
Academic Article Potential Healthcare Insurance and Provider Barriers to Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Utilization Among Young Men Who Have Sex with Men.
Academic Article Assessing and Promoting the Wellness of United States Ophthalmology Residents: A Survey of Program Directors.
Academic Article Comparison of Home-Based Oral Fluid Rapid HIV Self-Testing Versus Mail-in Blood Sample Collection or Medical/Community HIV Testing By Young Adult Black, Hispanic, and White MSM: Results from a Randomized Trial.
Academic Article Preferences for oral fluid rapid HIV self-testing among social media-using young black, Hispanic, and white men-who-have-sex-with-men (YMSM): implications for future interventions.
Academic Article Sexual Behavior and Contraceptive Use at Brown University: 1975-2011.
Academic Article The Prevalence of Culture Change Practice in US Nursing Homes: Findings From a 2016/2017 Nationwide Survey.
Academic Article Racial and Ethnic Differences in Advance Care Planning: Results of a Statewide Population-Based Survey.
Academic Article Practices associated with weight loss versus weight-loss maintenance results of a national survey.
Academic Article The impact of physicians' reactions to uncertainty on patients' decision satisfaction.
Academic Article Pay-for-performance: a survey of specialty providers in urogynecology.
Academic Article Patient Perspectives on Osseointegration: A National Survey of Veterans with Upper Limb Amputation.
Academic Article A national study of Veterans with major upper limb amputation: Survey methods, participants, and summary findings.
Academic Article Patient perspectives on benefits and risks of implantable interfaces for upper limb prostheses: a national survey.
Academic Article Rates and Correlates of Depression Symptoms in a Sample of Pregnant Veterans Receiving Veterans Health Administration Care.
Academic Article Screening for Pregnancy Status in a Population-Based Sample: Characteristics Associated with Item Nonresponse.
Academic Article Medical student views on the use of Facebook profile screening by residency admissions committees.
Academic Article Prosthesis satisfaction in a national sample of Veterans with upper limb amputation.
Academic Article A National Survey of Prosthesis Use in Veterans with Major Upper Limb Amputation: Comparisons by Gender.
Academic Article Assessing the Quality of Published Surveys in Ophthalmology.

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