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Academic Article Cutting edge: Immune stimulation by neisserial porins is toll-like receptor 2 and MyD88 dependent.
Academic Article Lipopolysaccharide rapidly traffics to and from the Golgi apparatus with the toll-like receptor 4-MD-2-CD14 complex in a process that is distinct from the initiation of signal transduction.
Academic Article IKKepsilon and TBK1 are essential components of the IRF3 signaling pathway.
Academic Article The LPS receptor generates inflammatory signals from the cell surface.
Academic Article Human lupus autoantibody-DNA complexes activate DCs through cooperation of CD32 and TLR9.
Academic Article The interferon regulatory factor, IRF5, is a central mediator of toll-like receptor 7 signaling.
Academic Article Comparative toll-like receptor 4-mediated innate host defense to Bordetella infection.
Academic Article Cryptococcus neoformans glycoantigens are captured by multiple lectin receptors and presented by dendritic cells.
Academic Article Malaria hemozoin is immunologically inert but radically enhances innate responses by presenting malaria DNA to Toll-like receptor 9.
Academic Article Toll-like receptor 9-dependent activation by DNA-containing immune complexes is mediated by HMGB1 and RAGE.
Academic Article The DNA sugar backbone 2' deoxyribose determines toll-like receptor 9 activation.
Academic Article The NALP3 inflammasome is involved in the innate immune response to amyloid-beta.
Academic Article Silica crystals and aluminum salts activate the NALP3 inflammasome through phagosomal destabilization.
Academic Article RIG-I-dependent sensing of poly(dA:dT) through the induction of an RNA polymerase III-transcribed RNA intermediate.
Academic Article Intracellular DNA recognition.
Academic Article The sterile inflammatory response.
Academic Article IFI16 is an innate immune sensor for intracellular DNA.
Academic Article The Rab11a GTPase controls Toll-like receptor 4-induced activation of interferon regulatory factor-3 on phagosomes.
Academic Article Optimal oligonucleotide sequences for TLR9 inhibitory activity in human cells: lack of correlation with TLR9 binding.
Academic Article Innate immune receptors for nucleic acids.
Academic Article KIAA1797/FOCAD encodes a novel focal adhesion protein with tumour suppressor function in gliomas.
Academic Article For gut's sake: NLRC4 inflammasomes distinguish friend from foe.
Academic Article A novel host-parasite lipid cross-talk. Schistosomal lyso-phosphatidylserine activates toll-like receptor 2 and affects immune polarization.
Academic Article CD36 coordinates NLRP3 inflammasome activation by facilitating intracellular nucleation of soluble ligands into particulate ligands in sterile inflammation.
Academic Article IRF5, IRF8, and IRF7 in human pDCs - the good, the bad, and the insignificant?
Academic Article Pentoxifyllin attenuates the systemic inflammatory response induced during isolated limb perfusion with recombinant human tumor necrosis factor-alpha and melphalan.
Academic Article The antifungal drug amphotericin B promotes inflammatory cytokine release by a Toll-like receptor- and CD14-dependent mechanism.
Academic Article Receptor "cross talk" in innate immunity.
Academic Article TLR9 signals after translocating from the ER to CpG DNA in the lysosome.
Academic Article Haemophilus influenzae type b-outer membrane protein complex glycoconjugate vaccine induces cytokine production by engaging human toll-like receptor 2 (TLR2) and requires the presence of TLR2 for optimal immunogenicity.
Academic Article Pharmacological inhibition of endotoxin responses is achieved by targeting the TLR4 coreceptor, MD-2.
Academic Article Endocytic pathways regulate Toll-like receptor 4 signaling and link innate and adaptive immunity.
Academic Article HMGB1 signals through toll-like receptor (TLR) 4 and TLR2.
Academic Article Flavivirus activation of plasmacytoid dendritic cells delineates key elements of TLR7 signaling beyond endosomal recognition.
Academic Article Ligand-induced conformational changes allosterically activate Toll-like receptor 9.
Academic Article Recruitment and endo-lysosomal activation of TLR9 in dendritic cells infected with Trypanosoma cruzi.
Academic Article Cutting edge: NF-kappaB activating pattern recognition and cytokine receptors license NLRP3 inflammasome activation by regulating NLRP3 expression.
Academic Article Recognition of 5' triphosphate by RIG-I helicase requires short blunt double-stranded RNA as contained in panhandle of negative-strand virus.
Academic Article Alternating 2'-O-ribose methylation is a universal approach for generating non-stimulatory siRNA by acting as TLR7 antagonist.
Academic Article Differential cytokine production and bystander activation of autoreactive B cells in response to CpG-A and CpG-B oligonucleotides.
Academic Article Inflammasomes: too big to miss.
Academic Article The inflammasomes: mechanisms of activation and function.
Academic Article Anti-inflammatory compounds parthenolide and Bay 11-7082 are direct inhibitors of the inflammasome.
Academic Article Rational design of immunostimulatory siRNAs.
Academic Article Critical functions of priming and lysosomal damage for NLRP3 activation.
Academic Article Higher order structure of short immunostimulatory oligonucleotides studied by atomic force microscopy.
Academic Article Listeria monocytogenes is sensed by the NLRP3 and AIM2 inflammasome.
Academic Article The AIM2 inflammasome is essential for host defense against cytosolic bacteria and DNA viruses.
Academic Article Identification of a novel human MD-2 splice variant that negatively regulates Lipopolysaccharide-induced TLR4 signaling.
Academic Article The critical role of IL-1 receptor-associated kinase 4-mediated NF-?B activation in modified low-density lipoprotein-induced inflammatory gene expression and atherosclerosis.
Academic Article Getting closer to the dirty little secret.
Academic Article NLRP3 inflammasomes link inflammation and metabolic disease.
Academic Article Intracellular sensing of microbes and danger signals by the inflammasomes.
Academic Article HIV type 1 infection up-regulates TLR2 and TLR4 expression and function in vivo and in vitro.
Academic Article Direct measurement of the interaction force between immunostimulatory CpG-DNA and TLR9 fusion protein.
Academic Article Structures of the HIN domain:DNA complexes reveal ligand binding and activation mechanisms of the AIM2 inflammasome and IFI16 receptor.
Academic Article Cutting edge: FAS (CD95) mediates noncanonical IL-1? and IL-18 maturation via caspase-8 in an RIP3-independent manner.
Academic Article Noncanonical autophagy is required for type I interferon secretion in response to DNA-immune complexes.
Academic Article Chemical genetics reveals a kinase-independent role for protein kinase R in pyroptosis.
Academic Article Activation and regulation of the inflammasomes.
Academic Article Overexpression of membrane-bound fas ligand (CD95L) exacerbates autoimmune disease and renal pathology in pristane-induced lupus.
Concept Immunotherapy
Concept Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay
Concept Immunity, Cellular
Concept Immune System Diseases
Concept Tumor Lysis Syndrome
Concept Immunity
Concept Chromatin Immunoprecipitation
Concept Syndrome
Concept Models, Immunological
Concept Immunophenotyping
Concept Immunosuppressive Agents
Concept Myelodysplastic Syndromes
Concept Immunoprecipitation
Concept Dose-Response Relationship, Immunologic
Concept Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
Concept Immunomodulation
Concept Simian Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
Concept Immunity, Innate
Concept Adjuvants, Immunologic
Concept Cryopyrin-Associated Periodic Syndromes
Concept Mucocutaneous Lymph Node Syndrome
Concept Immunity, Humoral
Concept Immunoglobulin G
Concept Simian Immunodeficiency Virus
Concept Adaptive Immunity
Concept Immune System
Concept Receptors, Immunologic
Concept Immunization
Concept Immunohistochemistry
Concept Immune Tolerance
Concept Immunoblotting
Concept Immunologic Memory
Academic Article HIV-1 induces the first signal to activate the NLRP3 inflammasome in monocyte-derived macrophages.
Academic Article Cell intrinsic immunity spreads to bystander cells via the intercellular transfer of cGAMP.
Academic Article RAGE is a nucleic acid receptor that promotes inflammatory responses to DNA.
Academic Article High-density lipoprotein mediates anti-inflammatory reprogramming of macrophages via the transcriptional regulator ATF3.
Academic Article Mechanisms of sterile inflammation.
Academic Article Transcriptome-based network analysis reveals a spectrum model of human macrophage activation.
Academic Article Cholesterol crystals induce complement-dependent inflammasome activation and cytokine release.
Academic Article Inflammasome-dependent and -independent IL-18 production mediates immunity to the ISCOMATRIX adjuvant.
Academic Article NLRC3 puts the brakes on STING.
Academic Article Innate immune activation in neurodegenerative disease.
Academic Article The adaptor ASC has extracellular and 'prionoid' activities that propagate inflammation.
Academic Article The TLR signaling adaptor TRAM interacts with TRAF6 to mediate activation of the inflammatory response by TLR4.
Academic Article Cutting edge: the UNC93B1 tyrosine-based motif regulates trafficking and TLR responses via separate mechanisms.
Academic Article Editorial overview: Special section: effects of endogenous immune stimulants: from a defence system against infection to a homeostatic mechanism linking metabolism with inflammation.
Academic Article Inflammasome activation in response to dead cells and their metabolites.
Academic Article Optimization of transcription factor binding map accuracy utilizing knockout-mouse models.
Academic Article Transcriptome assessment reveals a dominant role for TLR4 in the activation of human monocytes by the alarmin MRP8.
Academic Article The inflammasomes and autoinflammatory syndromes.
Academic Article Sequence-dependent off-target inhibition of TLR7/8 sensing by synthetic microRNA inhibitors.
Academic Article Danger signaling in atherosclerosis.
Academic Article A small-molecule inhibitor of the NLRP3 inflammasome for the treatment of inflammatory diseases.
Academic Article Innate immunity in Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Neuroinflammation in Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Reconstituted High-Density Lipoprotein Attenuates Cholesterol Crystal-Induced Inflammatory Responses by Reducing Complement Activation.
Academic Article Innate immune memory: a paradigm shift in understanding host defense.
Academic Article A transcriptional perspective on human macrophage biology.
Academic Article TLR8 Senses Bacterial RNA in Human Monocytes and Plays a Nonredundant Role for Recognition of Streptococcus pyogenes.
Academic Article CX3CR1 is a gatekeeper for intestinal barrier integrity in mice: Limiting steatohepatitis by maintaining intestinal homeostasis.
Academic Article ATF3 Is a Key Regulator of Macrophage IFN Responses.
Academic Article Nucleic acid-sensing TLRs and autoimmunity: novel insights from structural and cell biology.
Academic Article Trained immunity: A program of innate immune memory in health and disease.
Academic Article Crystal Formation in Inflammation.
Academic Article Measuring NLR Oligomerization II: Detection of ASC Speck Formation by Confocal Microscopy and Immunofluorescence.
Academic Article Reassessing the role of the NLRP3 inflammasome during pathogenic influenza A virus infection via temporal inhibition.
Academic Article Interferons and inflammasomes: Cooperation and counterregulation in disease.
Academic Article Long-term activation of the innate immune system in atherosclerosis.
Academic Article TLR9 Deficiency Leads to Accelerated Renal Disease and Myeloid Lineage Abnormalities in Pristane-Induced Murine Lupus.
Academic Article An NLRP3-specific inflammasome inhibitor attenuates crystal-induced kidney fibrosis in?mice.
Academic Article Efficacy and Pharmacology of the NLRP3 Inflammasome Inhibitor CP-456,773 (CRID3) in Murine Models of Dermal and Pulmonary Inflammation.
Academic Article Erratum to: Measuring NLR Oligomerization II: Detection of ASC Speck Formation by Confocal Microscopy and Immunofluorescence.
Academic Article Distinct surveillance pathway for immunopathology during acute infection via autophagy and SR-BI.
Academic Article HMGB1, IL-1a, IL-33 and S100 proteins: dual-function alarmins.
Academic Article RAGE Enhances TLR Responses through Binding and Internalization of RNA.
Academic Article Human NACHT, LRR, and PYD domain-containing protein 3 (NLRP3) inflammasome activity is regulated by and potentially targetable through Bruton tyrosine kinase.
Academic Article TLR sensing of bacterial spore-associated RNA triggers host immune responses with detrimental effects.
Academic Article Discovery of PF-06928215 as a high affinity inhibitor of cGAS enabled by a novel fluorescence polarization assay.
Academic Article Generation of Innate Immune Reporter Cells Using Retroviral Transduction.
Academic Article ASC specks: a biomarker for myelodysplastic syndromes?
Academic Article A guiding map for inflammation.
Academic Article Suppressive oligodeoxynucleotides containing TTAGGG motifs inhibit cGAS activation in human monocytes.
Academic Article The intra- and extracellular functions of ASC specks.
Academic Article Western Diet Triggers NLRP3-Dependent Innate Immune Reprogramming.
Academic Article Immortalization of Murine Bone Marrow-Derived Macrophages.
Academic Article The Chaperone UNC93B1 Regulates Toll-like Receptor Stability Independently of Endosomal TLR Transport.
Academic Article Cellular Clearance and Biological Activity of Calciprotein Particles Depend on Their Maturation State and Crystallinity.
Academic Article Molecular Integration of Incretin and Glucocorticoid Action Reverses Immunometabolic Dysfunction and Obesity.
Academic Article Innate Immunity and Neurodegeneration.
Academic Article Evidence of inflammasome activation and formation of monocyte-derived ASC specks in HIV-1 positive patients.
Academic Article Cellular Differentiation of Human Monocytes Is Regulated by Time-Dependent Interleukin-4 Signaling and the Transcriptional Regulator NCOR2.
Academic Article PD-L1 is expressed on human platelets and is affected by immune checkpoint therapy.
Academic Article NLRP3 inflammasome activation in inflammaging.
Academic Article Cyclodextrin Reduces Cholesterol Crystal-Induced Inflammation by Modulating Complement Activation.
Academic Article CD14-New Tricks of an Old Acquaintance.
Academic Article Inflammasomes on the Crossroads of Innate Immune Recognition and Metabolic Control.
Academic Article Charcot-Leyden Crystals Activate the NLRP3 Inflammasome and Cause IL-1? Inflammation in Human Macrophages.
Academic Article DNA-Mediated Interferon Signature Induction by SLE Serum Occurs in Monocytes Through Two Pathways: A Mechanism to Inhibit Both Pathways.
Academic Article Compartmentalization of Immune Response and Microbial Translocation in Decompensated Cirrhosis.
Academic Article The Western lifestyle has lasting effects on metaflammation.
Academic Article Alternative splicing regulates stochastic NLRP3 activity.
Academic Article AIM2 inflammasome-derived IL-1? induces postoperative ileus in mice.
Academic Article High-Density Lipoproteins Decrease Proinflammatory Activity and Modulate the Innate Immune Response.
Academic Article Multicenter Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease immune biomarker verification study.
Academic Article Western Diet and the Immune System: An Inflammatory Connection.
Academic Article Apolipoprotein C3 induces inflammation and organ damage by alternative inflammasome activation.
Academic Article Toll-like Receptor Signaling Rewires Macrophage Metabolism and Promotes Histone Acetylation via ATP-Citrate Lyase.
Academic Article Defining trained immunity and its role in health and disease.
Academic Article Platelets Fuel the Inflammasome Activation of Innate Immune Cells.
Academic Article Jack of all trades inhibits inflammation (in sober people).
Academic Article The impact of cell maturation and tissue microenvironments on the expression of endosomal Toll-like receptors in monocytes and macrophages.
Academic Article Author Correction: A guiding map for inflammation.
Academic Article Trained immunity, tolerance, priming and differentiation: distinct immunological processes.
Academic Article Interaction of TLR4 and TLR8 in the Innate Immune Response against Mycobacterium Tuberculosis.
Academic Article Inhibition of Caspase-1 with Tetracycline Ameliorates Acute Lung Injury.
Academic Article Necroptosis, pyroptosis and apoptosis: an intricate game of cell death.
Academic Article Cytosolic d-type CpG-oligonucleotides induce a type I interferon response by activating the cGAS-STING signaling pathway.
Academic Article Non-linear optical imaging of atherosclerotic plaques in the context of SIV and HIV infection prominently detects crystalline cholesterol esters.
Academic Article Author Correction: Trained immunity, tolerance, priming and differentiation: distinct immunological processes.
Academic Article Skewed endosomal RNA responses from TLR7 to TLR3 in RNase T2-deficient macrophages.
Academic Article Inflammasome-induced extracellular vesicles harbour distinct RNA signatures and alter bystander macrophage responses.
Academic Article Microglial NLRP3 Inflammasome Activation upon TLR2 and TLR5 Ligation by Distinct a-Synuclein Assemblies.
Academic Article Early IFN-a signatures and persistent dysfunction are distinguishing features of NK cells in severe COVID-19.
Academic Article The inflammasome: from bench to bedside.
Academic Article Deciphering How NLRP3 Incites the Stromal Response in Kawasaki Vasculitis.
Concept Enzyme-Linked Immunospot Assay
Concept Immunity, Heterologous
Academic Article Primary cilia and their effects on immune cell functions and metabolism: a model.
Academic Article Immune response in COVID-19: what is next?
Academic Article Mesaconate is synthesized from itaconate and exerts immunomodulatory effects in macrophages.
Academic Article How location and cellular signaling combine to activate the NLRP3 inflammasome.
Academic Article Reply to: Apolipoprotein C3 induces inflammasome activation only in its delipidated form.
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