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Academic Article Does parental education have a moderating effect on the genetic and environmental influences of general cognitive ability in early adulthood?
Academic Article Cognitive reserve moderates the association between hippocampal volume and episodic memory in middle age.
Academic Article Latent class typology of nicotine withdrawal: genetic contributions and association with failed smoking cessation and psychiatric disorders.
Academic Article A discordant twin study of premorbid cognitive ability in schizophrenia.
Academic Article Efficacy of retrospective recall of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms: A twin study.
Academic Article Common genetic liability to major depression and posttraumatic stress disorder in men.
Academic Article Storage and executive components of working memory: integrating cognitive psychology and behavior genetics in the study of aging.
Concept Severity of Illness Index
Academic Article Temporal Associations Among Chronic PTSD Symptoms in U.S. Combat Veterans.
Academic Article Interactive Effect of Traumatic Brain Injury and Psychiatric Symptoms on Cognition among Late Middle-Aged Men: Findings from the Vietnam Era Twin Study of Aging.
Academic Article CSNK2B: A broad spectrum of neurodevelopmental disability and epilepsy severity.
Academic Article Rare variant association study of veteran twin whole-genomes links severe depression with a nonsynonymous change in the neuronal gene BHLHE22.
Concept Brain Injuries, Traumatic
Academic Article Moderate Alcohol Use Is Associated with Reduced Cardiovascular Risk in Middle-Aged Men Independent of Health, Behavior, Psychosocial, and Earlier Life Factors.
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