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My research focuses on disability prevention strategies, enhancing recovery in musculoskeletal disorders, health care effectiveness, work disability in older workers, and methods to achieve safe and sustained return to work.  Research methods include health data and claims analysis, qualitative and quantitative observational studies, geospatial and multilevel analyses, and intervention studies.  Specific topics include health care for injured workers, outcomes in low back pain and other common musculoskeletal injuries, return to work in persons with health-related work disability, variations in care, and impacts of evidence-based medicine.  Most of my studies are conducted with academic collabortors in the US, Europe and Australia.

I am an associate professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and a Visiting Lecturer at the Harvard School of Public Health and the University of Massachusetts/Lowell.  From 1999 to 2017, I directed the Center for Disability Research at the Liberty Mutual Research Institute in Hopkinton, MA.  I co-founded the Work Disability Prevention and Integration Scientific Section of the International Congress on Occupational Health.

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Academic Article Unilateral vs. bilateral carpal tunnel: challenges and approaches.
Academic Article Outcomes research: implications for occupational health.
Academic Article Consensus criteria for the classification of carpal tunnel syndrome in epidemiologic studies.
Academic Article The ADA and you. Implications for the occupational health professional.
Academic Article Work-related upper-extremity disorders: prospective evaluation of clinical and functional outcomes.
Academic Article Disability management training for supervisors: a pilot intervention program.
Academic Article Early prognosis for low back disability: intervention strategies for health care providers.
Academic Article Measuring functional outcomes in work-related upper extremity disorders. Development and validation of the Upper Extremity Function Scale.
Academic Article Occupational risks and injuries in non-agricultural immigrant Latino workers.
Academic Article Occupational upper extremity conditions: a detailed analysis of work-related outcomes.
Academic Article Under-reporting of work-related disorders in the workplace: a case study and review of the literature.
Academic Article Development of a multidisciplinary research clinic for patients with work-related upper extremity disorders.
Academic Article Work-related tetraplegia: cause of injury and annual medical costs.
Academic Article Services provided following compensable work-related tetraplegia.
Academic Article Outcomes of workers' compensation claimants with low back pain undergoing intradiscal electrothermal therapy.
Academic Article Primary care involvement and outcomes of care in patients with a workers' compensation claim for back pain.
Academic Article Workers with disabilities.
Academic Article Genetically and medically susceptible workers.
Academic Article Caregiving for ill dependents and its association with employee health risks and productivity.
Academic Article Outcomes in work-related injuries: a comparison of older and younger workers.
Academic Article Early disability risk factors for low back pain assessed at outpatient occupational health clinics.
Academic Article Workstyle: development of a measure of response to work in those with upper extremity pain.
Academic Article Injuries at work in the US adult population: contributions to the total injury burden.
Academic Article The association of health risks with on-the-job productivity.
Academic Article Learning about the environment and health: an interclerkship experience for third-year students.
Academic Article Physical exercise interventions to improve disability and return to work in low back pain: current insights and opportunities for improvement.
Academic Article Outcomes in work-related upper extremity and low back injuries: results of a retrospective study.
Academic Article Blurring the distinctions between on and off the job injuries: similarities and differences in circumstances.
Academic Article Initial patient and clinician expectations of return to work after acute onset of work-related low back pain.
Academic Article Performance and quality measurement in occupational health services: current status and agenda for further research.
Academic Article Researcher perspectives on competencies of return-to-work coordinators.
Academic Article Contemporary low back pain research - and implications for practice.
Academic Article Work-related outcomes in occupational low back pain: a multidimensional analysis.
Academic Article Primary care research priorities in low back pain: an update.
Academic Article Improving the physician role in evaluating work ability and managing disability: a survey of primary care practitioners.
Academic Article Business analysis in occupational health and safety consultations.
Academic Article Prediction of prolonged work disability in occupational low-back pain based on nurse case management data.
Academic Article Rethinking quality in the context of persons with disability.
Academic Article Employee perspectives on the role of supervisors to prevent workplace disability after injuries.
Academic Article The association of medical conditions and presenteeism.
Academic Article Geographic variation in surgical treatment for work-related carpal tunnel syndrome: does improved return to work matter?
Academic Article A controlled case study of supervisor training to optimize response to injury in the food processing industry.
Academic Article Training to optimize the response of supervisors to work injuries--needs assessment, design, and evaluation.
Academic Article Worker productivity loss associated with arthritis.
Academic Article Patient clusters in acute, work-related back pain based on patterns of disability risk factors.
Academic Article Return to work-from research to practice.
Academic Article Understanding the role of sex differences in work injuries: implications for primary care practice.
Academic Article The association between timing and duration of chiropractic care in work-related low back pain and work-disability outcomes.
Academic Article A literature review describing the role of return-to-work coordinators in trial programs and interventions designed to prevent workplace disability.
Academic Article Who's in charge? Challenges in evaluating quality of primary care treatment for low back pain.
Academic Article Factors associated with retirement-related job lock in older workers with recent occupational injury.
Academic Article Does the presence of psychosocial "yellow flags" alter patient-provider communication for work-related, acute low back pain?
Academic Article Development and validation of competencies for return to work coordinators.
Academic Article Back pain and work.
Academic Article Early intervention options for acute low back pain patients: a randomized clinical trial with one-year follow-up outcomes.
Academic Article 3rd place, PREMUS best paper competition: development of the return-to-work self-efficacy (RTWSE-19) questionnaire--psychometric properties and predictive validity.
Academic Article The effects of patient-provider communication on 3-month recovery from acute low back pain.
Academic Article Are we making progress?: the tenth international forum for primary care research on low back pain.
Academic Article Work disability prevention research: current and future prospects.
Academic Article Decision-making in worker fitness and risk evaluation.
Concept Primary Health Care
Concept Health Surveys
Concept Health Services Accessibility
Concept Health Status Indicators
Concept Occupational Health Services
Concept Outcome Assessment (Health Care)
Concept Geography
Concept Occupational Health
Concept Health Services Research
Concept Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice
Concept Process Assessment (Health Care)
Concept Patient Acceptance of Health Care
Concept Health Status
Concept Attitude to Health
Concept Mental Health
Concept Health Personnel
Concept Health Priorities
Concept Education, Public Health Professional
Concept Quality Assurance, Health Care
Concept Health Policy
Concept Health Plan Implementation
Concept Health Services
Concept Outcome and Process Assessment (Health Care)
Concept Health Services Needs and Demand
Concept Health Care Surveys
Concept Health Care Costs
Concept Health Behavior
Concept Health Benefit Plans, Employee
Concept Environmental Health
Concept Quality of Health Care
Concept United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Concept Delivery of Health Care
Academic Article Iatrogenic consequences of early magnetic resonance imaging in acute, work-related, disabling low back pain.
Academic Article Manage at work: a randomized, controlled trial of a self-management group intervention to overcome workplace challenges associated with chronic physical health conditions.
Academic Article Trajectories of productivity loss over a 20-year period: an analysis of the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth.
Academic Article Anticipated significant work limitation in primary care consulters with osteoarthritis: a prospective cohort study.
Academic Article Exploring how pain leads to productivity loss in primary care consulters for osteoarthritis: a prospective cohort study.
Academic Article Examining the Relationship Between Productivity Loss Trajectories and Work Disability Outcomes Using the Panel Study of Income Dynamics.
Academic Article A Stakeholder-Based System Dynamics Model of Return-to-Work: A Research Protocol.
Academic Article Length of Disability and Medical Costs in Low Back Pain: Do State Workers' Compensation Policies Make a Difference?
Academic Article Lag Times in Reporting Injuries, Receiving Medical Care, and Missing Work: Associations With the Length of Work Disability in Occupational Back Injuries.
Academic Article Extent and Impact of Opioid Prescribing for Acute Occupational Low Back Pain in the Emergency Department.
Academic Article The influence of geographic variation in socio-cultural factors on length of work disability.
Academic Article Work Productivity Loss in Young Workers Is Substantial and Is Associated With Spinal Pain and Mental Ill-health Conditions.
Award or Honor Receipt Nachemson Memorial Award
Award or Honor Receipt NORA Award for Innovative Research
Award or Honor Receipt Health Achievement Award
Academic Article The association of adolescent spinal-pain-related absenteeism with early adulthood work absenteeism: A six-year follow-up data from a population-based cohort.
Academic Article Using Electronic Health Records and Clinical Decision Support to Provide Return-to-Work Guidance for Primary Care Practitioners for Patients With Low Back Pain.

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