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Academic Article Preventing cancer by controlling youth tobacco use.
Academic Article Measuring adults' loss of autonomy over nicotine use: the Hooked on Nicotine Checklist.
Academic Article Tobacco chippers report diminished autonomy over smoking.
Academic Article The effect of abstinence on cigarette consumption upon the resumption of smoking.
Academic Article The extent to which tobacco marketing and tobacco use in films contribute to children's use of tobacco: a meta-analysis.
Academic Article Symptoms of tobacco dependence after brief intermittent use: the Development and Assessment of Nicotine Dependence in Youth-2 study.
Academic Article Diminished autonomy over tobacco can appear with the first cigarettes.
Academic Article Assessing college students' autonomy over smoking with the Hooked On Nicotine Checklist.
Academic Article The Autonomy Over Smoking Scale.
Academic Article A systematic review of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual diagnostic criteria for nicotine dependence.
Academic Article Does progression through the stages of physical addiction indicate increasing overall addiction to tobacco?
Academic Article Seasonality in onset of youth smoking parallels seasonality in cigarette sales.
Academic Article Screening adolescents for nicotine dependence: the Hooked On Nicotine Checklist.
Academic Article Short term patterns of early smoking acquisition.
Academic Article A sensitization-homeostasis model of nicotine craving, withdrawal, and tolerance: integrating the clinical and basic science literature.
Academic Article Tobacco promotion and the initiation of tobacco use: assessing the evidence for causality.
Academic Article A comparison of the Hooked on Nicotine Checklist and the Fagerstr?m Test for Nicotine Dependence in adult smokers.
Academic Article The relationship between level of cigarette consumption and latency to the onset of retrospectively reported withdrawal symptoms.
Academic Article Early dating and smoking initiation: Some thoughts about a common cause.
Academic Article Psychometric properties of the Autonomy over Tobacco Scale in German.
Academic Article A comparison of the autonomy over tobacco scale and the Fagerstr?m test for nicotine dependence.
Concept Tobacco Industry
Concept Tobacco Smoke Pollution
Concept Tobacco Use Disorder
Academic Article Recalled first reactions to inhaling nicotine predict the level of physical dependence.
Academic Article Item Response Theory analysis of the Autonomy over Tobacco Scale (AUTOS).
Academic Article State-of-the-art office-based interventions to eliminate youth tobacco use: the past decade.
Academic Article Confirmatory factor analysis of the Autonomy over Tobacco Scale (AUTOS) in adults.
Academic Article Cohort Profile: The Nicotine Dependence in Teens (NDIT) Study.
Academic Article Secondhand Smoke Exposure and Depressive Symptoms in Children: A Longitudinal Study.
Academic Article Sex Differences in Attaining Cigarette Smoking and Nicotine Dependence Milestones Among Novice Smokers.
Academic Article Measures of nicotine dependence enhance interpretation of number of cigarettes smoked in youth smoking surveillance.
Academic Article Single-parent status and smoke-free home rules among daily smokers.
Academic Article Does use of other tobacco products change when cigarette smoking status changes: A descriptive study of young adults.
Academic Article Pediatric Resident Training in Tobacco Control and the Electronic Health Record.
Concept Tobacco Products
Concept Tobacco Use
Academic Article Who mixes tobacco with cannabis and does mixing relate to nicotine dependence?
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