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The focus of our research program is to delineate the molecular pathways that govern immune system development and function. We combine of variety experimental approaches, including human pluripotent stem cell differentiation, CRISPR-based (epi-)genome engineering, single cell RNAseq, computational biology and functional genomics, as well as various disease models to elucidate the molecular bases of human immune syndromes. The long-term goal is to recapitulate the disease in a patient-specific manner and to identify novel treatment strategies.

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Academic Article Differential dependence of CD4+CD25+ regulatory and natural killer-like T cells on signals leading to NF-kappaB activation.
Academic Article Asparagine endopeptidase is not essential for class II MHC antigen presentation but is required for processing of cathepsin L in mice.
Academic Article Immune-privileged embryonic Swiss mouse STO and STO cell-derived progenitor cells: major histocompatibility complex and cell differentiation antigen expression patterns resemble those of human embryonic stem cell lines.
Academic Article The ubiquitin-proteasome pathway in thymocyte apoptosis: caspase-dependent processing of the deubiquitinating enzyme USP7 (HAUSP).
Academic Article Mice deficient in invariant-chain and MHC class II exhibit a normal mature B2 cell compartment.
Academic Article AID-/-mus-/- mice are agammaglobulinemic and fail to maintain B220-CD138+ plasma cells.
Academic Article The Angelman Syndrome protein Ube3A regulates synapse development by ubiquitinating arc.
Concept Angelman Syndrome
Concept Immunoglobulin mu-Chains
Concept Immunologic Memory
Academic Article A Single-Cell Transcriptomic Atlas of Thymus Organogenesis Resolves Cell Types and Developmental Maturation.
Academic Article Mesenchymal Stromal Cell-Derived Extracellular Vesicles Restore Thymic Architecture and T Cell Function Disrupted by Neonatal Hyperoxia.
Academic Article A diamidobenzimidazole STING agonist protects against SARS-CoV-2 infection.
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