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Academic Article Frontline Reports: The Clubhouse Family Legal Support Project for parents with mental illness.
Academic Article A national survey of state mental health authority programs and policies for clients who are parents: a decade later.
Academic Article A comparison of the health and mental health status of homeless mothers in Worcester, Mass: 1993 and 2003.
Academic Article Integrating behavioral health services for homeless mothers and children in primary care.
Academic Article A qualitative study of programs for parents with serious mental illness and their children: building practice-based evidence.
Academic Article Why not support(ed) parenting?
Academic Article Supporting clubhouse members in their role as parents: necessary conditions for policy and practice initiatives.
Academic Article Commentary on "Community mental health care for women with severe mental illness who are parents" - The tragedy of missed opportunities: of missed opportunities: What providers can do.
Academic Article Creating job opportunities for people with psychiatric disabilities at a university-based research center.
Academic Article Psychosocial rehabilitation service needs of women.
Academic Article Achieving the goal of evidence-based psychiatric rehabilitation practices for mothers with mental illnesses.
Academic Article The responsiveness of State Mental Health Authorities to parents with mental illness.
Academic Article A survey of programs for parents with mental illness and their families: Identifying common elements to build the evidence base.
Academic Article Family options for parents with mental illnesses: a developmental, mixed methods pilot study.
Concept Mental Health Services
Concept Mental Health
Concept Community Mental Health Services
Academic Article For parents with mental health conditions: the chance to "have it all" at work and at home.
Academic Article Exploring knowledge exchange at the research-policy-practice interface in children's behavioral health services.
Academic Article Gender Differences in Service Utilization among OEF/OIF Veterans with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder after a Brief Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention to Increase Treatment Engagement: A Mixed Methods Study.
Academic Article Family-focused practice with EASE: A practice framework for strengthening recovery when mental health consumers are parents.
Academic Article Pre-post, mixed-methods feasibility study of the WorkingWell mobile support tool for individuals with serious mental illness in the USA: a pilot study protocol.
Academic Article The ParentingWell Learning Collaborative Feasibility Study: Training Adult Mental Health Service Practitioners in a Family-Focused Practice Approach.
Academic Article Editorial Perspective: Prato Research Collaborative for change in parent and child mental health - principles and recommendations for working with children and parents living with parental mental illness.
Academic Article The ParentingWell Practice Approach: Adaptation of Let's Talk About Children for Parents With Mental Illness in Adult Mental Health Services in the United States.
Academic Article Virtual Community Engagement Studio (V-CES): Engaging Mothers With Mental Health and Substance Use Conditions in Research.
Academic Article Lived Experience-Led Research Agenda to Address Early Death in People With a Diagnosis of a Serious Mental Illness: A Consensus Statement.
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