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Academic Article Adjusting for the healthy worker selection effect in cross-sectional studies.
Academic Article A comparison of approaches to modeling the relationship between ergonomic exposures and upper extremity disorders.
Academic Article Covariation between workplace physical and psychosocial stressors: evidence and implications for occupational health research and prevention.
Academic Article Ergonomic exposure assessment: an application of the PATH systematic observation method to retail workers. Postures, Activities, Tools and Handling.
Academic Article The global burden of selected occupational diseases and injury risks: Methodology and summary.
Academic Article Commentary on the scientific basis of the proposed Occupational Safety and Health Administration Ergonomics Program Standard.
Academic Article The contribution of occupational risks to the global burden of disease: summary and next steps.
Academic Article Hospital injury rates in relation to socioeconomic status and working conditions.
Academic Article Variability in risk factors for knee injury in construction.
Academic Article Ergonomic and socioeconomic risk factors for hospital workers' compensation injury claims.
Academic Article Pathomechanisms of work-related musculoskeletal disorders: conceptual issues.
Academic Article A comparison of PMRs and SMRs as estimators of occupational mortality.
Academic Article Injuries and assaults in a long-term psychiatric care facility: an epidemiologic study.
Academic Article The social distribution of risk at work: acute injuries and physical assaults among healthcare workers working in a long-term care facility.
Academic Article Occupational injury disparities in the US hotel industry.
Academic Article Work environment risk factors for injuries in wood processing.
Academic Article An economic analysis of a safe resident handling program in nursing homes.
Academic Article Strengthening Occupational Safety and Health enforcement.
Academic Article Modernization and trends in occupational health and safety in the People's Republic of China 1981-1986.
Concept Accident Prevention
Concept Knee Injuries
Concept Arm Injuries
Concept Confounding Factors (Epidemiology)
Concept Back Injuries
Concept Primary Prevention
Concept Bias (Epidemiology)
Concept Reperfusion Injury
Concept Wounds and Injuries
Academic Article The impact of workplace factors on filing of workers' compensation claims among nursing home workers.
Academic Article Impact of a Safe Resident Handling Program in Nursing Homes on Return-to-Work and Re-injury Outcomes Following Work Injury.
Academic Article Work Environment Factors and Prevention of Opioid-Related Deaths.

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