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Academic Article Subnuclear targeting of the Runx3 tumor suppressor and its epigenetic association with mitotic chromosomes.
Academic Article Transcription factor-mediated epigenetic regulation of cell growth and phenotype for biological control and cancer.
Academic Article Transcriptional corepressor TLE1 functions with Runx2 in epigenetic repression of ribosomal RNA genes.
Academic Article Architectural genetic and epigenetic control of regulatory networks: compartmentalizing machinery for transcription and chromatin remodeling in nuclear microenvironments.
Academic Article Epigenetic regulation of early osteogenesis and mineralized tissue formation by a HOXA10-PBX1-associated complex.
Academic Article Genetic and epigenetic regulation in nuclear microenvironments for biological control in cancer.
Academic Article Transcription-factor-mediated epigenetic control of cell fate and lineage commitment.
Academic Article Organization, integration, and assembly of genetic and epigenetic regulatory machinery in nuclear microenvironments: implications for biological control in cancer.
Academic Article Mitotic bookmarking of genes: a novel dimension to epigenetic control.
Academic Article Architectural epigenetics: mitotic retention of mammalian transcriptional regulatory information.
Academic Article An architectural genetic and epigenetic perspective.
Academic Article Bookmarking the genome: maintenance of epigenetic information.
Academic Article Runx2 mediates epigenetic silencing of the bone morphogenetic protein-3B (BMP-3B/GDF10) in lung cancer cells.
Academic Article Epigenetic mechanisms in leukemia.
Academic Article Targeting deregulated epigenetic control in cancer.
Academic Article The dynamic architectural and epigenetic nuclear landscape: developing the genomic almanac of biology and disease.
Academic Article Bookmarking target genes in mitosis: a shared epigenetic trait of phenotypic transcription factors and oncogenes?
Academic Article Epigenetic landscape during osteoblastogenesis defines a differentiation-dependent Runx2 promoter region.
Academic Article Epigenetic pathways regulating bone homeostasis: potential targeting for intervention of skeletal disorders.
Academic Article Epigenetic pathways regulating bone homeostasis.
Academic Article Non-coding RNAs: Epigenetic regulators of bone development and homeostasis.
Academic Article Epigenetic Control of the Bone-master Runx2 Gene during Osteoblast-lineage Commitment by the Histone Demethylase JARID1B/KDM5B.
Academic Article Epigenetic Modulation in Periodontitis: Interaction of Adiponectin and JMJD3-IRF4 Axis in Macrophages.
Academic Article Oncogenic epigenetic control.
Academic Article Oncofetal Epigenetic Bivalency in Breast Cancer Cells: H3K4 and H3K27 Tri-Methylation as a Biomarker for Phenotypic Plasticity.
Academic Article Mitotic Gene Bookmarking: An Epigenetic Mechanism for Coordination of Lineage Commitment, Cell Identity and Cell Growth.
Academic Article The BRG1 ATPase of human SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling enzymes as a driver of cancer.
Academic Article Bivalent Epigenetic Control of Oncofetal Gene Expression in Cancer.
Academic Article Nuclear organization mediates cancer-compromised genetic and epigenetic control.
Academic Article Mitotic Gene Bookmarking: An Epigenetic Program to Maintain Normal and Cancer Phenotypes.
Academic Article Regulation of osteogenesis by long noncoding RNAs: An epigenetic mechanism contributing to bone formation.
Academic Article Ezh2-dependent H3K27me3 modification dynamically regulates vitamin D3-dependent epigenetic control of CYP24A1 gene expression in osteoblastic cells.

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