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Academic Article Physical activity among children and youth.
Academic Article Physical activity assessment: a review of methods.
Academic Article Reliability and validity of a portable metabolic measurement system.
Academic Article Calibration of the Computer Science and Applications, Inc. accelerometer.
Academic Article The prediction of power and efficiency during near-maximal rowing.
Academic Article Intraindividual variation of running economy in highly trained and moderately trained males.
Academic Article Development and validation of a Pregnancy Physical Activity Questionnaire.
Academic Article Effect of internal work on the calculation of optimal pedaling rates.
Academic Article Field evaluation of the Computer Science and Applications, Inc. physical activity monitor.
Academic Article Validity of accelerometry for the assessment of moderate intensity physical activity in the field.
Academic Article Seasonal variation in household, occupational, and leisure time physical activity: longitudinal analyses from the seasonal variation of blood cholesterol study.
Academic Article Energy expenditure of selected household activities during pregnancy.
Academic Article Amount of time spent in sedentary behaviors in the United States, 2003-2004.
Academic Article New techniques and issues in assessing walking behavior and its contexts.
Academic Article An artificial neural network to estimate physical activity energy expenditure and identify physical activity type from an accelerometer.
Academic Article Accelerometer output and MET values of common physical activities.
Academic Article Multisensor data fusion for physical activity assessment.
Academic Article Energy cost of common activities in children and adolescents.
Academic Article Accuracy of accelerometer regression models in predicting energy expenditure and METs in children and youth.
Academic Article Classification accuracy of the wrist-worn gravity estimator of normal everyday activity accelerometer.
Academic Article Familial aggregation in physical activity.
Academic Article Evaluation of acute cardiorespiratory responses to hydraulic resistance exercise.
Academic Article Energy expenditure in prepubescent children: influence of sex and age.
Academic Article Improved insulin action following short-term exercise training: role of energy and carbohydrate balance.
Academic Article Bias in estimating caloric expenditure from physical activity in children. Implications for epidemiological studies.
Academic Article Postexercise insulin action in African-American women.
Academic Article Agreement between student-reported and proxy-reported physical activity questionnaires.
Academic Article Accelerometer prediction of energy expenditure: vector magnitude versus vertical axis.
Academic Article Energy expenditure and enjoyment of common children's games in a simulated free-play environment.
Academic Article A comprehensive evaluation of commonly used accelerometer energy expenditure and MET prediction equations.
Academic Article Computational methods for estimating energy expenditure in human physical activities.
Academic Article Field trial of a three-dimensional activity monitor: comparison with self report.
Academic Article Validity of the Computer Science and Applications, Inc. (CSA) activity monitor.
Concept Energy Metabolism
Academic Article Validation of the Fitbit wireless activity tracker for prediction of energy expenditure.
Academic Article Methods to estimate aspects of physical activity and sedentary behavior from high-frequency wrist accelerometer measurements.
Academic Article Energy Expenditure for 70 Activities in Children and Adolescents.
Academic Article The activPALTM Accurately Classifies Activity Intensity Categories in Healthy Adults.
Academic Article Youth Oriented Activity Trackers: Comprehensive Laboratory- and Field-Based Validation.
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