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Academic Background......

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Innovation Corps Program
Northeastern University: Master of Science
• Major: Applied Behavior Analysis
• Minor: Transition & Systems Change
Bradford College, Bachelor of Arts
• Major: Human Studies/Psychology
• Concentrations: Philosophy, Literature, & Spanish Language
Center for International Studies, Toledo, Spain
• Spanish Studies Program of the Ortega y Gasset Foundation

Current Appointments

INDEX Program, Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center
• INDEX Technical Services, Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center
Disabilities Interstitial (Co-Director), University of Massachusetts Medical School              

Director of Technology (Assistive Technology, Information/Dissemination, Online Learning)
Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD)
Interdisciplinary Technical Assistance Center (ITAC) on Autism and Developmental Disabilities
University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD)

Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental & Related Disabilities (LEND) Graduate Program
Department of Family Medicine & Community Health
Suffolk University Moakley Center for Public Management
Academic Accommodations Committee

Invited Expert, World Wide Web Consortium


UMMS Representative
• UMass 5-Campus Accessibility Effort, UMass President's Office

Technical Advisor




Licensed Applied Behavior Analyst

Professional and Research Interests

  • Artificial Intelligence empowerment and fairness for people with disabilities
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven Web text simplification on a mass scale
  • Methodology for humans to easily and reliably create simplified Web text
  • Information and communications technology (ICT) accessibility for people with disabilities
  • ICT accessibility for people with cognitive disabilities, e.g., autism & intellectual disability
  • Instructional design of online courses and learning-management systems
  • Improving the use of digital technology by people with autism & intellectual disability
  • Application of information technology in human services

Provider of Technology Services for Medical-School Managed Projects

INDEX Program
Information & Referral for People with Disabilities in Massachusetts
• Massachusetts Network of Information Providers (MNIP)
• Application Development (Web, Database, Mobile) for People with Disabilities
• E-learning Development Accessible to People with Disabilities
Mass Health Accessibility and Universal Readability
MassHealth Web Site
Massachusetts Child & Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS)
CANS Training & Certification
Massachusetts Aging and Disabilities Information Locator
MADIL Web Site
Massachusetts Patient-Centered Medical Home Initiative (PCMHI)
Online Courses for Primary-Care Physician Practices
Massachusetts Balancing Incentive Program (Long-Term Services & Supports)
Mass Options Web Site
One Care: MassHealth plus Medicare (Long-Term Services & Supports)
Online Courses and Webinars for Primary-Care Professional Staff

Projects Outside Massachusetts

Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs
My ODP Learning Management System

Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities

Presentations or Panelist Participations


  • Web Accessibility Expert: Ask Me Anything (AMA) Webinar
    • Tenon.io, Burnie, Maryland, 2019.
  • Accessibility guidelines for web developers: WCAG (A, AA, AAA), WAI-ARIA Webinar
    • IPSUM Technologies, Tacarigua, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, 2019.
  • AXSChat with John Rochford (Web Accessibility; AI Fairness & Empowerment)
    • AXS Chat: Building Bridges Because Accessibility Matters, 2019.
  • Creating Simple Web Text for People with Intellectual Disabilities to Train Artificial Intelligence
    • 34th CSUN Assistive Technology Conference, Anaheim, CA 2019.
  • Silver Task Force Work on Next Generation of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
    • Cognitive Accessibility Task Force, Worldwide Web Consortium, University of Southampton, Southhampton, England, 2019.
  • Cognitive Web Accessibility & Artificial Intelligence, Webinar
    • International Association of Accessibility Professionals, Atlanta, GA 2018.
  • How to Make Learning More Accessible and Inclusive Webinar
    • Worldwide Lambda Solutions Headquarters: Vancouver, BC Canada 2018.
  • Text Simplification and User Experience
    • 18th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, The Westin Harbour Castle Hotel, Toronto, Canada, 2016.
  • Automated Web Text Simplification: Pilot Study & IBM Watson Supercomputer
    • Cognitive & Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task Force, Worldwide Web Consortium, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), London, England, 2015.


  • Artificial Intelligence Tools for Students with Learning Disabilities
    • Aims Community College, Greeley, CO, 2023.
  • Usable and Accessible User Interfaces: Parts 1 & 2: Know your Customer
    •  Microsoft Common Data Service, Redmond, Washington, 2021.
  • Future Directions of Inclusive Technologies
    • Federal Annual Interagency Accessibility Forum (NASA, GSA, 508 Access Board), Washington, DC, 2019.
  • A New Peer Support Network Workshop, Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities
    • Texas Advocates Viva La Fiesta Annual Conference, San Antonio, TX 2019
  • Higher Education | Staff and Faculty Training Resources 
    • M-Enabling Summit: Promoting Accessible Technologies and Environments, Washington DC, 2019.
  • Workshop on Diversity, Accessibility, and Inclusion in Library Systems
    • National Forum on Principles of Accessibility and Inclusion for the Design of Library Systems, Center for Research on Equitable and Open Scholarship, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, 2019.
  • Wikipedia Edit Session
    • Knowbility John Slatin AccessU Conference, Austin, Texas, 2019.
  • Cognitive Web Accessibility and Automated Text Simplification
    • Tech Supports for Cognition and Learning: Everyday Apps and Emerging Trends
      Mercy College Campus, Dobbs Ferry, NY, 2017.
  • Cognitive Web Accessibility: W3C Task Force & Future Research
    • 30th Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference
      California State University, Northridge, San Diego, CA, 2015.
  • Work to Establish Cognitive Web Accessibility Guidelines by the World Wide Web
    Consortium & by the University of Massachusetts Medical School
    • Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, 2014.
  • Using Technology to Enhance Teaching, Learning, and Building a Community
    • Using Technology to Meet Special Needs at College and Beyond Special Interest
      Group, University Business Technology / Vanishing Boundaries-Emerging
      Opportunities Conference, Orlando, FL, 2013.


  • Complex Mental Health Needs and People with IDD project
    • Central Texas African American Family Support Conference group's Together We Will Heal Forum, San Antonio, TX
  • Autonomous Vehicles Fireside Chat, Third Annual User Experience Symposium - UX & IOT: Connecting the Digital and Physical Realms
    • Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA, 2019.
  • Creating Simple Web Text for People with Intellectual Disabilities and to Train Artificial Intelligence
    • Boston Accessibility Conference, Fidelity Investments Corporate Headquarters, Boston, MA 2018.
  • Accessibility Guidelines for the Web and Other Digital Technologies
    • UMass Second Annual 5-University Accessibility Retreat, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Lowell, MA 2018.
  • Cognitive Web Accessibility: Eye Tracking, Machine Learning, and App Development
    • Boston Accessibility Conference, IBM Watson Health Global Headquarters, Cambridge, MA, 2017.
  • Web Accessibility Roundtable
    • Second Annual User Experience Innovation Symposium, Worcester Polytechnic University, Worcester, MA 2018.
  • First Interdisciplinary Workshop on Robot-Mediated Behavior Intervention
    • UMASS Lowell, New England Robotics Experimentation and Validation Center
      Lowell, MA, 2017.
  • Automated ICT Text Simplification for People with Cognitive Disabilities
    • Boston Accessibility Group, IBM Innovation Center, Cambridge, MA, 2015.
  • Task Force on Higher Education for Students with Intellectual Disability and
    Autism Spectrum Disorder
    • Massachusetts Joint Committee on Higher Education, Worcester, MA, 2014.
  • Developing Online Courses and a Delivery Platform for People with Cognitive Disabilities
    • Boston Accessibility Group, Microsoft New England Research and Development Center, Cambridge, MA, 2012.
  • Technology Development & Information and Referral for People with Disabilities
    • University of Massachusetts Medical School, Waltham, MA, 2012.
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