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Rotation Projects

Rotation Projects

Analog sensitive LATS kinase:  The goal of this project is to use CRISPR based genome modification to make mutations in the endogenous LATS kinase that cause it to be inhibited by a synthetic ATP analog. This will allow LATS kinase activity to be turned on and off using the ATP analog. The analog sensitive cell line will be a valuable tool for studying Hippo pathway responses to various stimuli and will be used to test whether dephosphorylation of LATS substrates is an important regulatory mechanism. This project will also set the stage for future experiments to create mice that have analog sensitive versions of LATS. These mice will be used to test whether LATS inhibition is a viable treatment for regenerative therapies for the heart, gut, pancreas and other organs.

TRIP6 and Angiomotin interacting proteins: We know that cells monitor their mechanical environment by sensing F-actin levels and by measuring tension at cell-cell junctions. We have identified angiomotins as sensors for F-actin and the TRIP6 protein as part of a tension sensor at cell-cell junctions. However, to understand how these sensors work, we need know the network of proteins that they each interact with, and how those networks change in response to mechanical perturbations. To do this we will fuse each sensor to the promiscuous biotin ligase protein BirA, and express the fusion proteins in cells under various conditions. The biotin ligase will label proteins in close proximity with biotin. Labeled proteins will be purified and analyzed by mass spectrometry, and the spectrum of interacting partners under different conditions will be compared.

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