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Rotation Projects

Potential Rotation Projects

We are utilizing a variety of technologies to study p53 regulation and function in Drosophila. These include genetic screens, molecular biology, fluorescence and scanning electron microscopy, tissue culture, RNAi, homologous recombination, and others. Rotation projects in this lab will be determined based on a combination of the student's and PI's interests. Possible projects are listed below:

Project 1: A genetic screen for new regulators of Drosophila p53.

Project 2: Using RNAi and homologous recombination to study regulators of p53.

Project 3: Characterization of p53 activation in Drosophila tissue culture cells by flurescence microscopy, Real-Time PCR, and RNAi.

Project 4: Genetic analysis of Drosophila p53 targets identified in microarray experiments.

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