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Academic Article HIV prevention services in correctional drug treatment programs: do they change risk behaviors?
Academic Article Trends in comprehensive service availability in outpatient drug abuse treatment.
Academic Article Treatment of sleep disturbance in alcohol recovery: a national survey of addiction medicine physicians.
Academic Article Linkage to medical services in the Drug Abuse Treatment Outcome Study.
Academic Article Factors related to weight loss behavior in a multiracial/ethnic workforce.
Academic Article The dietary quality of persons with heart failure in NHANES 1999-2006.
Academic Article Identification of accrual barriers onto breast cancer prevention clinical trials: a case-control study.
Academic Article Associations of mood and anxiety disorders with obesity: comparisons by ethnicity.
Academic Article The use of cancer treatment summaries and care plans among Massachusetts physicians.
Academic Article Development and validation of worksite weight-related social norms surveys.
Academic Article Roles and strategies of state organizations related to school-based physical education and physical activity policies.
Academic Article Municipal officials' perceived barriers to consideration of physical activity in community design decision making.
Academic Article Accessibility of addiction treatment: results from a national survey of outpatient substance abuse treatment organizations.
Academic Article Health behavior change among women with recent familial diagnosis of breast cancer.
Academic Article Measuring quality of life in low-income, Spanish-speaking Puerto Ricans with type 2 diabetes residing in the mainland U.S.
Academic Article Association of post-traumatic stress disorder and obesity in a nationally representative sample.
Academic Article Internet health information seeking is a team sport: analysis of the Pew Internet Survey.
Concept Nutrition Surveys
Concept Health Surveys
Concept Health Care Surveys
Concept Data Collection
Academic Article Development and validation of the Lifestyle Self-Efficacy Scale for Latinos with Diabetes (LSESLD).
Academic Article Personal and parental weight misperception and self-reported attempted weight loss in US children and adolescents, National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2007-2008 and 2009-2010.
Academic Article Municipal Officials' Participation in Built Environment Policy Development in the United States.
Academic Article Perceived weight status and weight change among a U.S. adult sample.
Academic Article Stepping Up Active Transportation in Community Health Improvement Plans: Findings From a National Probability Survey of Local Health Departments.
Academic Article Design, analysis, power, and sample size calculation for three-phase interrupted time series analysis in evaluation of health policy interventions.
Academic Article Healthy Eating Policy Strategies in Community Health Improvement Plans: A Cross-Sectional Survey of US Local Health Departments.
Academic Article Simulation-based power and sample size calculation for designing interrupted time series analyses of count outcomes in evaluation of health policy interventions.

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