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B.S. 1995, Fudan University, P.R. China
Ph.D. 1999, Michigan State University
Postdoctoral Fellow 1999-2002, University of California Berkeley & Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Staff Scientist 2002-2006, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Research Interests

With an aging population, the demand for synthetic tissue scaffolds assisting the regenerative reconstruction of skeletal defects resulting from trauma, cancer and metabolic diseases is rising. Our lab is interested in 1) developing new biomaterial- and stem cell-based approaches towards bone and cartilage tissue regeneration, particularly dealing with hard-to-heal tissue defects resulting from aging, diabetes, and traumatic injuries; 2) identifying novel factors regulating stem cell renewal and skeletal tissue regeneration; 3) identifying new targets for the development of disease modifying drugs of osteoarthritis; and 4) improving the osteointegration of and reducing periprosthetic infections associated with existing orthopedic metallic implants. Many of the synthetic scaffolds we designed are programmed with unique physical properties to facilitate facile surgical delivery (injectable formulations; minimally invasive in vivo deployment and stable fixation), tunable & predictive in vivo degradation profiles, and spatially controlled presentation and temporally controlled release of bioactive factors for regulating stem/progenitor cell fate within the tissue niche environment.

Lab Members

Ananta Ghimire PhD (UConn), Xiaowen Xu PhD (Ghent), Jodan Skelly ME (WPI), Benjamin Braun MD, Jacob Maalouf (Class '22), Madison Shea (WPI)

 Song Lab 2017 ORS

San Diego (ORS meeting), March 2017

L to R: Yu, Ben, Tera, Jordan, Jie & Henry

Post Docs

Postdoc openings are available in the Song Lab for developing synthetic scaffolds for guided bone/cartilage regeneration, anti-periprosthetic infection strategies, and synthetic niches for stem cell therapy.

A recent Ph.D. in polymer sciences, chemical biology, organic chemistry or stem cell/skeletal biology is required. To join us for exciting translational research at the interface of chemistry, biology and medicine, interested candidates should email a copy of CV including a list of publications, names of 3 referees and a brief statement of research interest to Jie.Song@umassmed.edu

Paid undergraduate research intern position available!

Preference is given to local college students who are interested in a career in biomedical science/engineering and able to commit >10-12 h/week during regular semesters and full-time during summers. Chemistry, Biology and Biomedical Engineering majors are welcome! Interested candidate should send resume (indicating GPA and any past lab expereinces) to Jie.Song@umassmed.edu

Rotation Projects

Potential Rotation Projects

  1. Design and evaluation of smart synthetic bone / cartilage tissue grafts
  2. Metallic implant surface modifications for reducing periprosthetic infections
  3. New therapeutic targets for the development of disease modifying drugs of osteoarthritis

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Academic Article Scalable functional bone substitutes: strategic integration of key structural elements of bone in synthetic biomaterials, Chapter 12
Academic Article Elastomeric high-mineral content hydrogel-hydroxyapatite composites for orthopedic applications.
Academic Article Surface mineralization of Ti6Al4V substrates with calcium apatites for the retention and local delivery of recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2.
Academic Article Functional Hydrogel-Biomineral Composites Inspired by Natural Bone, Chapter 7
Academic Article pHEMA-nHA encapsulation and delivery of vancomycin and rhBMP-2 enhances its role as a bone graft substitute.
Academic Article A new approach to mineralization of biocompatible hydrogel scaffolds: an efficient process toward 3-dimensional bonelike composites.
Academic Article Functional polymers for bone tissue engineering applications
Academic Article Mineralization of synthetic polymer scaffolds: a bottom-up approach for the development of artificial bone.
Academic Article Nanomechanical analysis of bone tissue engineering scaffolds.
Academic Article A chemical and engineering approach towards "smart" synthetic bone grafts.
Academic Article Sustained and localized in vitro release of BMP-2/7, RANKL, and tetracycline from FlexBone, an elastomeric osteoconductive bone substitute.
Academic Article Elastomeric osteoconductive synthetic scaffolds with acquired osteoinductivity expedite the repair of critical femoral defects in rats.
Academic Article Chemically modified cellulose fibrous meshes for use as tissue engineering scaffolds.
Concept Bone Development
Concept Bone Diseases
Concept Bone Morphogenetic Protein 7
Concept Bone and Bones
Concept Bone Regeneration
Concept Bone Density
Concept Bone Marrow Cells
Concept Bone Transplantation
Concept Bone Morphogenetic Protein 2
Concept Bone Substitutes
Academic Article An amphiphilic degradable polymer/hydroxyapatite composite with enhanced handling characteristics promotes osteogenic gene expression in bone marrow stromal cells.
Academic Article Vancomycin-bearing synthetic bone graft delivers rhBMP-2 and promotes healing of critical rat femoral segmental defects.
Academic Article Templated repair of long bone defects in rats with bioactive spiral-wrapped electrospun amphiphilic polymer/hydroxyapatite scaffolds.
Academic Article Cytocompatible poly(ethylene glycol)-co-polycarbonate hydrogels cross-linked by copper-free, strain-promoted click chemistry.
Academic Article A comparative study of zwitterionic ligands-mediated mineralization and the potential of mineralized zwitterionic matrices for bone tissue engineering.
Academic Article Three-dimensionally presented anti-fouling zwitterionic motifs sequester and enable high-efficiency delivery of therapeutic proteins.
Award or Honor Receipt Career Enhancement Award
Award or Honor Receipt Harold M. Frost Young Investigator Award
Academic Article Experimental and numerical measurements of adhesion energies between PHEMA and PGLYMA with hydroxyapatite crystal.
Academic Article Facile Stem Cell Delivery to Bone Grafts Enabled by Smart Shape Recovery and Stiffening of Degradable Synthetic Periosteal Membranes
Academic Article Age-dependent Changes in the Articular Cartilage and Subchondral Bone of C57BL/6 Mice after Surgical Destabilization of Medial Meniscus.
Academic Article Impaired osteogenesis of T1DM bone marrow-derived stromal cells and periosteum-derived cells and their differential in-vitro responses to growth factor rescue.
Academic Article Multi-functional scaffolds for facile implantation, spontaneous fixation and accelerated long bone regeneration in rodents

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