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Yasmin Carter Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Translational Anatomy at the UMass Chan Medical School. She is the Director of Impact and Scholarship for the three-school initiative Diversity, Representation, and Inclusion for Value in Education (DRIVE). Her role in curriculum leadership at the T.H. Chan School of Medicine includes Vista Longitudinal Focus Topic (LFT) Integration Director and Director of the Health Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (HEDI) LFT, with an aim to improving education, research, and patient experience for diverse bodies.

Educated in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Canada, her multinational experience gives her a unique view to address and lead talented teams relating to these curricular topics which have been historically under-represented in undergraduate medical education. She has found cross-cultural thinking can lead to exceptional ideas and improve team performance.

Dr. Carter serves as a core anatomy faculty member, instructing medical students in the T.H. Chan School of Medicine.  Her interests focus on using anatomy as a keystone for teaching LGBTQ+ healthcare content and best practices to medical students and professionals.  With a mission to advance health equity for gender and sexual minorities, Dr. Carter created a module introducing the basic concepts of sex and gender into the anatomical curriculum which was implemented at UMass Chan and shared internationally. Dr. Carter has set an educational trajectory for learners that has direct outcomes for patient care. Additionally, Dr. Carter has developed the “female first” model of anatomical education now used at Umass Chan and in medical education texts.  

Dr. Carter’s research interests investigate the use of technology to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of diversity and inclusion in the curriculum. Including developing AI-natural language processing automated analyses of learner feedback to elucidate the currently underreported patterns in the data in order to support faculty development and improve real-life patient outcomes.

Her role as longitudinal focus topic integration Director incorporates her expertise as an educator, scientist, and innovator.

In addition to her full-time appointment at UMass Chan, Dr. Carter is an anatomical and diversity consultant and course author for the Apple Design Award-winning app “Complete Anatomy” by 3D4medical. Dr. Carter writes and conducts research in the fields of bone biology and human osteology.

In addition to many service contributions at UMass Chan, Dr. Carter is also involved on the national level with multiple professional organizations including the American College of Radiologists (ACR) Work Group on Gender Diversity and the American Association of Anatomy. She is a member of the Elsevier Advisory Board on 3D Anatomy and has given numerous international talks and webinars on fostering an inclusive educational culture.

Find her on twitter at @DrYasminCarter


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