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Academic Article HIV prevention services in correctional drug treatment programs: do they change risk behaviors?
Academic Article Trends in comprehensive service availability in outpatient drug abuse treatment.
Academic Article The impact of smoking cessation on drug abuse treatment outcome.
Academic Article Linkage to medical services in the Drug Abuse Treatment Outcome Study.
Academic Article Transportation and retention in outpatient drug abuse treatment programs.
Academic Article Predictors of follow-up health status in the Drug Abuse Treatment Outcome Study (DATOS).
Academic Article Community referral sources and entry of treatment-naive clients into outpatient addiction treatment.
Academic Article Accessibility of addiction treatment: results from a national survey of outpatient substance abuse treatment organizations.
Concept Substance-Related Disorders
Academic Article Attributions of responsibility for addiction: the effects of gender and type of substance.
Academic Article Medical and psychosocial services in drug abuse treatment: do stronger linkages promote client utilization?
Academic Article Patient satisfaction and sustained outcomes of drug abuse treatment.
Academic Article Designated case managers as facilitators of medical and psychosocial service delivery in addiction treatment programs.
Academic Article Integration of substance use treatment and medical care: a special issue of JSAT.
Academic Article Medications for addiction treatment: an opportunity for prescribing clinicians to facilitate remission from alcohol and opioid use disorders.
Academic Article Benefits of linking primary medical care and substance abuse services: patient, provider, and societal perspectives.
Academic Article Screening and intervention for illicit drug abuse: a national survey of primary care physicians and psychiatrists.
Academic Article Just call it "treatment".
Academic Article Teaching substance abuse screening, assessment, and brief intervention to vocational rehabilitation counselors.
Academic Article Gender differences in comorbid disorders among offenders in prison substance abuse treatment programs.
Academic Article Violent and disruptive behavior among drug-involved prisoners: relationship with psychiatric symptoms.
Academic Article Psychiatric histories of drug using mothers: treatment implications.
Academic Article Effects of an Organizational Linkage Intervention on Inter-Organizational Service Coordination Between Probation/Parole Agencies and Community Treatment Providers.
Academic Article Gender and treatment response in substance use treatment-mandated parolees.
Academic Article Update in addiction medicine for the primary care clinician.
Academic Article Reframing the debate: toward effective treatment for inner city drug-abusing mothers.
Academic Article The effect of matching comprehensive services to patients' needs on drug use improvement in addiction treatment.
Academic Article Relationship between maternal methadone dosage, maternal-neonatal methadone levels, and neonatal withdrawal.
Academic Article Duration of nonmethadone outpatient treatment: results from a national survey.
Academic Article Violent offenses associated with co-occurring substance use and mental health problems: evidence from CJDATS.
Academic Article Despite Resources From The ACA, Most States Do Little To Help Addiction Treatment Programs Implement Health Care Reform.
Academic Article How does use of a prescription monitoring program change pharmacy practice?
Academic Article Provision of on-site medical care to patients with hepatitis C in drug treatment units.
Academic Article HCV in incarcerated populations: an analysis of gender and criminality on risk.
Academic Article Integration of Substance Abuse Treatment Organizations into Accountable Care Organizations: Results from a National Survey.
Academic Article How is tobacco treatment provided during drug treatment?
Academic Article Evidence-based treatment practices for drug-involved adults in the criminal justice system.
Academic Article "Shotgunning" as an illicit drug smoking practice.
Academic Article Adding positive reinforcement in justice settings: acceptability and feasibility.
Academic Article Introduction to the Special Issue on the Studies on the Implementation of Integrated Models of Alcohol, Tobacco, and/or Drug Use Interventions and Medical Care.
Academic Article Emergency department utilization among recently released prisoners: a retrospective cohort study.
Academic Article Management of adults recovering from alcohol or other drug problems: relapse prevention in primary care.
Academic Article Psychostimulant-related deaths among former inmates.
Academic Article Collaborative behavioral management among parolees: drug use, crime and re-arrest in the Step'n Out randomized trial.
Academic Article Effect of primary medical care on addiction and medical severity in substance abuse treatment programs.
Academic Article Medication-assisted treatment in criminal justice agencies affiliated with the criminal justice-drug abuse treatment studies (CJ-DATS): availability, barriers, and intentions.
Academic Article A randomized trial of methadone initiation prior to release from incarceration.
Academic Article On-site primary care and mental health services in outpatient drug abuse treatment units.
Academic Article Slowing the revolving door: stabilization programs reduce homeless persons' substance use after detoxification.
Academic Article Physician attitudes regarding the prescription of medical marijuana.
Academic Article Should informed consent be required for laboratory testing for drugs of abuse in medical settings?
Academic Article Limiting options: sex ratios, incarceration rates, and sexual risk behavior among people on probation and parole.
Academic Article Do mechanisms that link addiction treatment patients to primary care influence subsequent utilization of emergency and hospital care?
Academic Article How does use of a prescription monitoring program change medical practice?
Academic Article Linkages Between Patient-centered Medical Homes and Addiction Treatment Organizations: Results From a National Survey.
Academic Article The Affordable Care Act Transformation of Substance Use Disorder Treatment.
Academic Article Mobile technology intervention to improve care coordination between HIV and substance use treatment providers: development, training, and evaluation protocol.
Academic Article Benefit requirements for substance use disorder treatment in state health insurance exchanges.
Academic Article Medicaid Benefits For Addiction Treatment Expanded After Implementation Of The Affordable Care Act.
Academic Article Do benefits restrictions limit Medicaid acceptance in addiction treatment? Results from a national study.
Academic Article Changes in State Technical Assistance Priorities and Block Grant Funds for Addiction After ACA Implementation.
Academic Article Medicaid coverage in substance use disorder treatment after the affordable care act.
Academic Article The relationship of Medicaid expansion to psychiatric comorbidity care within substance use disorder treatment programs.
Academic Article Correlates of Patient-Centered Care Practices at U.S. Substance Use Disorder Clinics.
Academic Article Editorial: COVID-19 and its impact on SUD treatment.
Academic Article Editorial: Health equity in substance use disorder treatment.
Academic Article Implementation Strategy Fidelity and Organizational Outcomes in a Randomized Trial: Implications for Reentry from Corrections to?Community Treatment.
Academic Article Parental substance use and home visiting programs: Implementation considerations for relationship-based treatment.
Academic Article "I am not a junkie": Social categorization and differentiation among people who use drugs.
Academic Article Recent Incarceration, Substance Use, Overdose, and Service Use Among People Who Use Drugs in Rural Communities.
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