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Concept Fractures, Bone
Concept Bone Conduction
Concept Temporal Bone
Academic Article Histopathology of idiopathic lateral skull base defects.
Academic Article Characteristics of Wax Occlusion in the Surgical Repair of Superior Canal Dehiscence in Human Temporal Bone Specimens.
Academic Article Cochlear Implantation in a Patient With Pfeiffer Syndrome and Temporal Bone Vascular Anomalies.
Academic Article Endoscopic Transcanal Retrocochlear Approach to the Internal Auditory Canal with Cochlear Preservation: Pilot Cadaveric Study.
Academic Article Is Serial Electroneuronography Indicated Following Temporal Bone Trauma?
Academic Article Human Otopathologic Findings in Cases of Folded Cochlear Implant Electrodes.
Academic Article Temporal bone computed tomography findings associated with feasibility of endoscopic ear surgery.
Academic Article Systematic review of hearing loss after traumatic brain injury without associated temporal bone fracture.
Academic Article Otopathologic Changes in the Cochlea following Head Injury without Temporal Bone Fracture.
Academic Article High Resolution Computed Tomography Atlas of the Porcine Temporal Bone and Skull Base: Anatomical Correlates for Traumatic Brain Injury Research.
Academic Article Peripheral Vestibular System Histopathologic Changes following Head Injury without Temporal Bone Fracture.
Academic Article Quantitative imaging analysis of transcanal endoscopic Infracochlear approach to the internal auditory canal.
Academic Article Otopathology of Unilateral Cochlear Implantation in Patients With Bilateral Temporal Bone Fracture.
Academic Article Vestibular Traumatic Neuroma Following Temporal Bone Fracture.
Academic Article Human Otopathology of Cochlear Implant Drill-out Procedures.
Academic Article Peripheral Vestibular Organ Degeneration After Temporal Bone Fracture: A Human Otopathology Study.
Academic Article Are Cochlear Implants a Viable Option Following Temporal Bone Fracture?
Academic Article High-Frequency Conductive Hearing following Total Drum Replacement Tympanoplasty.
Academic Article Otopathologic Analysis of Patterns of Postmeningitis Labyrinthitis Ossificans.
Academic Article Do high-frequency air-bone gaps persist after ossiculoplasty?
Academic Article Histopathology of the Incudomalleolar Joint in Cases of "Indeterminate" Presbycusis.
Academic Article Optimized Diagnostic Approach to Patients Suspected of Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence.
Academic Article Intracochlear New Fibro-Ossification and Neuronal Degeneration Following Cochlear Implant Electrode Translocation: Long-Term Histopathological Findings in Humans.
Academic Article Methods for the calibration of bone conduction transducers at frequencies from 5 to 20 kHz.
Academic Article Information scarcity among otolaryngology applicants: A review of the largest database of programs.
Academic Article Characterization and Clinical Use of Bone Conduction Transducers at Extended High Frequencies.
Academic Article Primary Sarcoidosis of the Temporal Bone a Clinical Pathologic Correlation.
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