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Dr. Liu completed doctoral training in pattern recognition and artificial intelligence, with strong expertise on natural language processing, machine learning (deep learning), and biomedical informatics. His research focuses on exploiting advanced computational models to analyze heterogeneous and complex healthcare data for knowledge extraction, predictive modeling and preventative data analytics, in the areas of suicide prevention, HIV prevention, cancer informatics and stroke management.   

Over more than 10 years in this field, Dr. Liu has published more than 60 peer reviewed manuscripts (29 first-author) on premium journals and top computer science conferences. He have served co-investigator (lead data scientist) on 5 NIH-funded R01 projects, and participated NSF study sections in the area of machine learning and natural language processing. Through developing advanced machine learning methods, Dr. Liu has won the first place in two international challenge tasks: Medical Visual Question Answering (2018) and Gene Mutation/Disease Relation Extraction (2019).

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