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Dr. Bo Wang is a Professor in the Department of Population and Quantitative Health Sciences at UMass Chan Medical School. He is a biostatistician and behavioral epidemiologist by training, with 20 years of experience in HIV prevention and implementation science research. He has published over 80 peer-reviewed articles (first author on 30 articles) in high impact scientific journals, such as Implementation Science, Prevention Science, and AIDS and Behavior. He has served and is currently serving as a principal investigator, co-investigator, and biostatistician on multiple NIH grants.  He has acquired significant expertise in the design of intervention studies utilizing state-of-the-art research designs (MOST/SMART) and application of advanced statistical methods (e.g., structure equation modeling, group-based trajectory analysis, latent transition model) in biomedical research. His current research is supported by the NIH (R01 HD095765, 8/2018-06/2023; R34 MH124081, 8/2021-07/2024; R21/R33 HD107988-01). The Bahamas national implementation study aims to develop theory-driven implementation strategies to increase sustained teacher implementation fidelity, and thereby increase the general public health impact of evidence-based interventions in schools. The Thailand PrEP project aims to develop a highly innovative mHealth intervention to improve PrEP uptake and adherence in Thai young MSM. He also serves as MPI on suicide risk prediction R01 project (R01MH118220, 03/2019-02/2023).

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Academic Article Multi-year school-based implementation and student outcomes of an evidence-based risk reduction intervention.
Academic Article Erratum to: teachers' patterns of implementation of an evidence-based intervention and their impact on student outcomes: results from a nationwide dissemination over 24-months follow-up.
Academic Article Factors influencing implementation dose and fidelity thereof and related student outcomes of an evidence-based national HIV prevention program.
Academic Article Fidelity of implementation of an evidence-based HIV prevention program among Bahamian sixth grade students.
Grant National Implementation of FOYC+CImPACT in the Bahamas: implementation strategies and improved outcomes.
Academic Article Preparing for national implementation of an evidence-based, effective HIV prevention program among bahamian sixth-grade students.
Academic Article Development of a Brief Pre-Implementation Screening Tool to Identify Teachers Who Are at Risk for Not Implementing Intervention Curriculum and High-Implementing Teachers.
Academic Article Tailored Motivational Interviewing (TMI): Translating Basic Science in Skills Acquisition into a Provider Behavioral Intervention to Improve Community Health Worker Motivational Interviewing Competence for Youth Living with HIV
Academic Article Psychosocial Factors associated with relapse in alcohol abuse among young adults in Lusaka, Zambia
Academic Article A longitudinal implementation evaluation of a physical activity program for cancer survivors: LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA
Academic Article The Bahamas National Implementation Project: Proposal for effective strategies of implementing an evidence-based HIV prevention intervention in school setting
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