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Concept Tobacco Smoke Pollution
Concept Tobacco Use Disorder
Academic Article Methodology for the Global Youth Tobacco Use Survey (GYST), Vietnam, 2014.
Academic Article Cigarette Smoking among Adolescents aged 13-15 in Viet Nam and Correlates of Current Cigarette Smoking: Results from GYTS 2014 Data.
Academic Article Tobacco Access and Availability for Vietnamese School Children (aged 13-15): Results from the Global Youth Tobacco Use Survey (GYTS) 2014 in Viet Nam.
Academic Article Potential Impact of Graphic Health Warnings on Cigarette Packages in Reducing Cigarette Demand and Smoking-Related Deaths in Vietnam.
Academic Article Tobacco use among women: gendered perspective to be included in global tobacco control policies.
Academic Article Exposure to second-hand smoke at home and its associated factors: findings from the Global Adult Tobacco Use survey in Vietnam, 2010.
Academic Article Tobacco Control Policies in Vietnam: Review on MPOWER Implementation Progress and Challenges.
Academic Article Access to Anti-smoking Information among School Children and its Potential Impact on Preventing Smoking Initiation: Results from the Global Youth Tobacco Use Survey (GYTS) 2014 in Viet Nam.
Academic Article Knowledge and Attitude Towards Tobacco Smoking among 13-15 Year-Old School Children in Viet Nam - Findings from GYTS 2014.
Academic Article Trends in Second-Hand Tobacco Smoke Exposure Levels at Home among Viet Nam School Children Aged 13-15 and Associated Factors.
Academic Article Exposure to Tobacco Advertising and Promotion among School Children Aged 13-15 in Vietnam - an Overview from GYTS 2014.
Academic Article Changes in Co-Occurrence of Smoking and Harmful Drinking among Youth: a Study from the Chi Linh Demographic - Epidemiological Surveillance System in Vietnam, 2006-2013.
Academic Article Relative Importance of Different Attributes of Graphic Health Warnings on Tobacco Packages in Viet Nam.
Academic Article Establishing a tobacco control fund in Vietnam: some learnings for other countries.
Academic Article Secondhand Tobacco Smoke Exposure in Indoor Workplaces in Viet Nam and Associated Factors: Findings from Two Rounds of Global Adult Tobacco Surveys (GATS) 2010 and 2015.
Concept Tobacco Products
Concept Tobacco Use
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