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Concept Substance-Related Disorders
Academic Article Editorial: COVID-19 and its impact on SUD treatment.
Academic Article Editorial: Health equity in substance use disorder treatment.
Academic Article Longitudinal HIV risk behavior among the Drug Abuse Treatment Outcome Studies (DATOS) adult sample.
Academic Article Using administrative data for longitudinal substance abuse research.
Academic Article More alike than different: health needs, services utilization, and outcomes of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) populations treated for substance use disorders.
Academic Article Changes in Medicaid Acceptance by Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities After Implementation of Federal Parity.
Academic Article A Scoping Review of Data Sources for the Conduct of Policy-Relevant Substance Use Research.
Academic Article Explaining long-term outcomes among drug dependent mothers treated in women-only versus mixed-gender programs.
Academic Article Employment services utilization and outcomes among substance abusing offenders participating in California's proposition 36 drug treatment initiative.
Academic Article Utilization and outcomes of mental health services among patients in drug treatment.
Academic Article Heterogeneity of Mental Health Service Utilization and High Mental Health Service Use Among Women Eight Years After Initiating Substance Use Disorder Treatment.
Academic Article Mortality among substance-using mothers in California: a 10-year prospective study.
Academic Article Polydrug use and its association with drug treatment outcomes among primary heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine users.
Academic Article Polydrug use and implications for longitudinal research: ten-year trajectories for heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine users.
Academic Article Relationship between drug treatment services, retention, and outcomes.
Academic Article Perceived neighborhood safety, recovery capital, and successful outcomes among mothers 10 years after substance abuse treatment.
Academic Article Ethnic differences in utilization of drug treatment services and outcomes among Proposition 36 offenders in California.
Academic Article Promising practices for delivery of court-supervised substance abuse treatment: perspectives from six high-performing California counties operating Proposition 36.
Academic Article Gender differences in the effects of childhood adversity on alcohol, drug, and polysubstance-related disorders.
Academic Article Predictors of short-term treatment outcomes among California's Proposition 36 participants.
Academic Article Client and program factors associated with dropout from court mandated drug treatment.
Academic Article Pilot-testing a statewide outcome monitoring system: overview of the California Treatment Outcome Project (CALTOP).
Academic Article Evaluation of the substance abuse and crime prevention act: treatment clients and program types during the first year of implementation.
Academic Article Differences by Veteran/civilian status and gender in associations between childhood adversity and alcohol and drug use disorders.
Academic Article Cross-system data linkage for treatment outcome evaluation: lessons learned from the California Treatment Outcome Project.
Academic Article William Carlos Williams.
Academic Article Outcomes of drug and alcohol treatment programs among American Indians in California.
Academic Article Long-term outcomes among drug-dependent mothers treated in women-only versus mixed-gender programs.
Academic Article High-risk offenders participating in court-supervised substance abuse treatment: characteristics, treatment received, and factors associated with recidivism.
Academic Article Impact of California's Proposition 36 on the drug treatment system: treatment capacity and displacement.
Academic Article Offender diversion into substance use disorder treatment: the economic impact of California's proposition 36.
Academic Article Benefit-cost in the California treatment outcome project: does substance abuse treatment "pay for itself"?
Academic Article Treating drug-abusing offenders. Initial findings from a five-county study on the impact of California's Proposition 36 on the treatment system and patient outcomes.
Academic Article Hispanic parenting women in women-only versus mixed-gender drug treatment: a 10-year prospective study.
Academic Article Evaluation of the Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act: client characteristics, treatment completion and re-offending three years after implementation.
Academic Article Psychosocial Factors that Shape Substance Abuse and Related Mental Health of Women Military Veterans who Use Community-Based Services.
Academic Article Treatment entry barriers among California's Proposition 36 offenders.
Academic Article Gender and race/ethnic differences in the persistence of alcohol, drug, and poly-substance use disorders.
Academic Article Use of Big Data and Ethical Issues for Populations With Substance Use Disorder.
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