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Academic Article The burden of illness in the first year home: do male and female VA users differ in health conditions and healthcare utilization.
Academic Article Sexual victimization, health status, and VA healthcare utilization among lesbian and bisexual OEF/OIF veterans.
Academic Article Informing policy to deliver comprehensive care for women veterans.
Academic Article Evaluating the Veterans Choice Program: Lessons for Developing a High-performing Integrated Network.
Academic Article Cigarette Smoking Status and Receipt of an Opioid Prescription Among Veterans of Recent Wars.
Academic Article Receipt of Prescription Opioids in a National Sample of Pregnant Veterans Receiving Veterans Health Administration Care.
Academic Article Food insecurity and health: data from the Veterans Aging Cohort Study.
Academic Article Infertility care among OEF/OIF/OND women Veterans in the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Academic Article Reproductive health diagnoses of women veterans using department of Veterans Affairs health care.
Academic Article Contraceptive provision in the VA healthcare system to women who report military sexual trauma.
Academic Article The Veterans Choice Act: A Qualitative Examination of Rapid Policy Implementation in the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Academic Article Care coordination for women veterans: bridging the gap between systems of care.
Academic Article Bridging the Gap for Perinatal Veterans: Care by Mental Health Providers at the Veterans Health Administration.
Academic Article Recommendations for the Evaluation of Cross-System Care Coordination from the VA State-of-the-art Working Group on VA/Non-VA Care.
Academic Article Rates and Correlates of Depression Symptoms in a Sample of Pregnant Veterans Receiving Veterans Health Administration Care.
Academic Article Trauma and Sexual Risk: Do Men and Women Veterans Differ?
Academic Article A Longitudinal Investigation of Military Sexual Trauma and Perinatal Depression.
Academic Article Predictors of Veterans Affairs Health Service Utilization by Women Veterans during Pregnancy.
Academic Article Neuropsychological assessments and psychotherapeutic services in Veterans with multiple sclerosis: Rates of utilization and their associations with socio-demographics and clinical characteristics using Veterans Health Administration-based data.
Academic Article Baseline Characteristics from the Women Veterans Cohort Study: Gender Differences and Similarities in Health and Healthcare Utilization.
Academic Article Innovations in Community Care Programs, Policies, and Research.
Academic Article Partnership Forum: The Role of Research in the Transformation of Veterans Affairs Community Care.
Academic Article Understanding VA's Use of and Relationships With Community Care Providers Under the MISSION Act.
Academic Article Coordinating women's preventive health care for rural veterans.
Academic Article Newborn Outcomes Among Veterans Utilizing VHA Maternity Benefits, 2016-2020.
Concept Veterans Health
Academic Article Examining Veterans' Experiences With In Vitro Fertilization Provided Under P.L. 114-223.
Academic Article Infertility Services for Veterans Enrolled in Veterans Health Administration Care.
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