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Academic Article Randomized controlled trial for behavioral smoking and weight control treatment: effect of concurrent versus sequential intervention.
Academic Article Sun protection motivational stages and behavior: skin cancer risk profiles.
Academic Article Adherence across behavioral domains in treatment promoting smoking cessation plus weight control.
Academic Article Invitation to a dialogue between researchers and clinicians about evidence-based behavioral medicine.
Academic Article Translating the diabetes prevention program into a hospital-based weight loss program.
Academic Article Abuse potential of carbohydrates for overweight carbohydrate cravers.
Academic Article Measuring nonsolar tanning behavior: indoor and sunless tanning.
Academic Article Not all tanners are created equal: implications of tanning subtypes for skin cancer prevention.
Academic Article Design and methods for a cluster randomized trial of the Sunless Study: a skin cancer prevention intervention promoting sunless tanning among beach visitors.
Academic Article Association of depressive symptoms and lifestyle behaviors among Latinos at risk of type 2 diabetes.
Academic Article HPA axis response to stress predicts short-term snack intake in obese women.
Academic Article Attitudes and behavior of peripheral arterial disease patients toward influencing their physician's prescription of cholesterol-lowering medication.
Academic Article Trait anxiety, but not trait anger, predisposes obese individuals to emotional eating.
Academic Article Male inclusion in randomized controlled trials of lifestyle weight loss interventions.
Academic Article The emotional eating scale. Can a self-report measure predict observed emotional eating?
Academic Article Behavioral activation treatment for major depressive disorder: A pilot investigation
Academic Article Commentary on the shifting processes model: a conceptual model for weight management.
Academic Article A qualitative and quantitative review of behavioral activation treatment of major depressive disorder
Academic Article Effects of a multicomponent intervention on motivation and sun protection behaviors among midwestern beachgoers.
Academic Article Low-carbohydrate and high-fat intake among adult patients with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes mellitus.
Academic Article Design and methods for a randomized clinical trial treating comorbid obesity and major depressive disorder.
Academic Article Association between adult attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and obesity in the US population.
Academic Article Windows of opportunity for smoking and weight loss counseling.
Academic Article Ten year revision of the brief behavioral activation treatment for depression: revised treatment manual.
Academic Article Time to abandon the notion of personal choice in dietary counseling for obesity?
Academic Article Delay discounting and intake of ready-to-eat and away-from-home foods in overweight and obese women.
Academic Article The adoption and spread of a core-strengthening exercise through an online social network.
Academic Article Randomized controlled trial of behavioral treatment for comorbid obesity and depression in women: the Be Active Trial.
Academic Article Reliable change in depression during behavioral weight loss treatment among women with major depression.
Academic Article Indoor tanning and tanning dependence in young people after a diagnosis of basal cell carcinoma.
Academic Article Change in physical activity after a diabetes diagnosis: opportunity for intervention.
Academic Article A call for an end to the diet debates.
Academic Article Evidence-based strategies in weight-loss mobile apps.
Concept Violence
Concept Telephone
Concept Risk-Taking
Concept Motor Activity
Concept Needs Assessment
Concept Mother-Child Relations
Concept Software
Concept Task Performance and Analysis
Concept Community Networks
Concept Costs and Cost Analysis
Concept Information Dissemination
Concept Equipment Design
Concept Electronic Mail
Concept Self Disclosure
Concept Risk Reduction Behavior
Concept Communication
Concept Program Evaluation
Concept Social Support
Concept Leadership
Concept Professional-Patient Relations
Concept Alcohol Drinking
Concept Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice
Concept Community-Institutional Relations
Concept Clinical Trials, Phase III as Topic
Concept Family
Concept Cooking
Concept Statistics as Topic
Concept Patient Acceptance of Health Care
Concept Sunbathing
Concept Physician-Patient Relations
Concept Impulsive Behavior
Concept Attitude to Health
Concept Habits
Concept Self Concept
Concept Guideline Adherence
Concept Smoking Cessation
Concept Blogging
Concept Commerce
Concept Medical Informatics
Concept Food Preferences
Concept Parenting
Concept Medicaid
Concept Cooperative Behavior
Concept Exercise
Concept Smoking
Concept Safety Management
Concept Consumer Advocacy
Concept Government Regulation
Concept Medication Adherence
Concept Employment
Concept Golf
Concept Life Style
Concept Data Collection
Concept Feeding Behavior
Concept Health Behavior
Concept Sexual Behavior
Concept Cost-Benefit Analysis
Concept Interdisciplinary Communication
Concept Information Seeking Behavior
Concept Adolescent Behavior
Concept Patient Compliance
Concept Behavior Control
Concept Behavior, Addictive
Concept Beauty Culture
Concept Behavior Therapy
Concept Diffusion of Innovation
Concept Choice Behavior
Concept Residence Characteristics
Concept Surveys and Questionnaires
Concept Quality Control
Concept Walking
Concept Practice Patterns, Physicians'
Concept Referral and Consultation
Concept Food Labeling
Concept Advisory Committees
Concept Group Processes
Concept Adaptation, Psychological
Concept Father-Child Relations
Academic Article Severity of depressive symptoms and accuracy of dietary reporting among obese women with major depressive disorder seeking weight loss treatment.
Academic Article The Society of Behavioral Medicine position statement on the CMS decision memo on intensive behavior therapy for obesity.
Academic Article Weight loss using evidence-based strategies in mobile apps. Authors' response.
Academic Article Skin cancer risk profiles of physically active adults
Academic Article The challenge of stimulus control: a comment on Poelman et al.
Academic Article The home environment and childhood obesity in low-income households: indirect effects via sleep duration and screen time.
Academic Article A randomized controlled trial of mental health interventions for survivors of systematic violence in Kurdistan, Northern Iraq.
Academic Article Vagus nerve stimulation and food intake: effect of body mass index.
Academic Article Fostering multiple healthy lifestyle behaviors for primary prevention of cancer.
Academic Article Access to care and use of the Internet to search for health information: results from the US National Health Interview Survey.
Academic Article Managing temptation in obesity treatment: A neurobehavioral model of intervention strategies.
Academic Article An Evidence-based Guide for Obesity Treatment in Primary Care.
Academic Article Effect of allowing choice of diet on weight loss.
Academic Article Feasibility of Pairing Behavioral Activation With Exercise for Women With Type 2 Diabetes and Depression: The Get It Study Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial.
Academic Article Adapting Behavioral Interventions for Social Media Delivery.
Academic Article Sleep Duration and Diet Quality Among Women Within 5?Years of Childbirth in the United States: A Cross-Sectional Study.
Academic Article Integrating Physical Activity in Primary Care Practice.
Academic Article The Association Between Psychiatric Disorders and Frequent Indoor Tanning.
Academic Article Social media use and indoor tanning among a national sample of young adult nonHispanic white women: A cross-sectional study.
Academic Article Pregnancy intentionality in relation to non-planning impulsivity.
Academic Article Involvement of Fathers in Pediatric Obesity Treatment and Prevention Trials: A Systematic Review.
Academic Article State of the art conference on weight management in VA: Policy and research recommendations for advancing behavioral interventions.
Academic Article Behavioral activation for smoking cessation and mood management following a cardiac event: results of a pilot randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Effect of Legislation on Indoor Tanning Prevalence in Alabama.
Academic Article A Comparison of Tanning Habits Among Gym Tanners and Other Tanners.
Academic Article Psychosocial factors associated with treatment outcomes in women with obesity and major depressive disorder who received behavioral activation for depression.
Academic Article Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Sun Safety.
Academic Article Skin cancer prevention messages on Facebook: Likes, shares, and comments.
Academic Article The history and future of digital health in the field of behavioral medicine.
Academic Article Revitalizing Adolescent Health Behavior After the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Academic Article Golfers' Interest in Multilevel Sun-Protection Strategies.
Academic Article Family Attitudes and Communication about Sun Protection and Sun Protection Practices among Young Adult Melanoma Survivors and Their Family Members.
Concept Health Risk Behaviors
Concept Social Stigma
Concept Policy
Concept Social Networking
Concept Social Media
Concept Snacks
Concept Sexism
Academic Article Proof-of-Concept Feasibility Trial of a Dissonance-Based Sun Safety Intervention for Young Adult Tanners.
Academic Article Pre-Enrollment Steps and Run-Ins in Weight Loss Trials: A Meta-Regression.
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