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Summary Dr. Ionete is a clinical neuroimmunologist and educator with special interests including clinical trials in multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune neurological diseases, and neurological complications of HIV infections. She chairs the Department of Neurology's education committee.
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Academic Article Relationships between multiple sclerosis and depression.
Concept Multiple Sclerosis, Relapsing-Remitting
Concept Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Progressive
Concept Multiple Sclerosis
Academic Article Advances in the treatment of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Drug-induced thrombocytopenia secondary to natalizumab treatment.
Academic Article JC virus reactivation during prolonged natalizumab monotherapy for multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article MSPrecise: A molecular diagnostic test for multiple sclerosis using next generation sequencing.
Academic Article Evaluating Soluble EMMPRIN as a Marker of Disease Activity in Multiple Sclerosis: Studies of Serum and Cerebrospinal Fluid.
Academic Article The Prevalence of Bipolar Disorders and Association With Quality of Life in a Cohort of Patients With Multiple Sclerosis.
Academic Article Neuroinflammatory component of gray matter pathology in multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article The varieties of psychosis in multiple sclerosis: A systematic review of cases.
Academic Article Whose Preferences Matter? A Patient-Centered Approach for Eliciting Treatment Goals.
Academic Article Evaluation of a Novel Preference Assessment Tool for Patients with Multiple Sclerosis.
Academic Article Evidence of diffuse cerebellar neuroinflammation in multiple sclerosis by 11C-PBR28 MR-PET.
Academic Article A Novel Tool to Improve Shared Decision Making and Adherence in Multiple Sclerosis: Development and Preliminary Testing.
Academic Article Prospective growth and developmental outcomes in infants born to mothers with multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Rapid foot-tapping but not hand-tapping ability is different between relapsing-remitting and progressive multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article COVID-19 in teriflunomide-treated patients with multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Succination inactivates gasdermin D and blocks pyroptosis.
Academic Article Sensorimotor function in progressive multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article A real-world cohort analysis of alemtuzumab outcomes in relapsing multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Non-ambulatory measures of lower extremity sensorimotor function are associated with walking function in Multiple Sclerosis.
Academic Article The impact of socioeconomic status on mental health and health-seeking behavior across race and ethnicity in a large multiple sclerosis cohort.
Academic Article Paramagnetic rim lesions are associated with pathogenic CSF profiles and worse clinical status in multiple sclerosis: A retrospective cross-sectional study.
Academic Article Multi-omics analysis of magnetically levitated plasma biomolecules.
Academic Article Differential effects of anti-CD20 therapy on CD4 and CD8 T cells and implication of CD20-expressing CD8 T cells in MS disease activity.
Academic Article In vivo characterization of microglia and myelin relation in multiple sclerosis by combined 11C-PBR28 PET and synthetic MRI.
Academic Article Longitudinal assessment of neurocognitive function in people with relapsing multiple sclerosis initiating alemtuzumab in routine clinical practice: LEM-COG study results.
Academic Article Clinical validation of a multi-protein, serum-based assay for disease activity assessments in multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Implementing Shared Decision-Making for Multiple Sclerosis: The MS-SUPPORT Tool.
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