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We have an opening for a post-doc. We seek physicians, psychologists, doctorally-prepared nurses, social workers, and other clinicians who wish to prepare themselves for an academic research career in palliative care and health services research or pharmacoepidemiology. Key areas of scholarship include caregiver engagement in serious illness, symptom management, hospice enrollment, hospice policy, and medication use in older adults with chronic conditions. The Postdoctoral Research Fellow will be responsible for conducting and assisting in studies examining caregiver engagement in serious illness, and the interaction between symptom management, hospice enrollment, hospice policy, and medication use in older adults with chronic conditions, as well as other funded and unfunded projects. Appropriate candidates may choose to pursue a Master of Science in Clinical Investigation in addition to participating in post-doctoral training seminars. This is a two year position. The Fellow will have opportunities to develop their own research question, compose and submit their own grants, write and publish in scientific journals, and continue their own scholarly and research development with input from other faculty and experts.

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Academic Article Beneath the surface: discovering the unvoiced concerns of older adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus.
Academic Article Challenge of changing nursing home prescribing culture.
Academic Article Antipsychotic use among nursing home residents.
Academic Article Medicare beneficiaries and free prescription drug samples: a national survey.
Academic Article Nurse-physician communication in the long-term care setting: perceived barriers and impact on patient safety.
Academic Article Unexplained variation across US nursing homes in antipsychotic prescribing rates.
Academic Article Disparities in combination drug therapy use in older adults with coronary heart disease: a cross-sectional time-series in a nationally representative US sample.
Academic Article Studies to reduce unnecessary medication use in frail older adults: a systematic review.
Academic Article Technological resources and personnel costs required to implement an automated alert system for ambulatory physicians when patients are discharged from hospitals to home.
Concept Physician-Patient Relations
Concept Physicians
Concept Practice Patterns, Physicians'
Concept Physician-Nurse Relations
Academic Article Antipsychotic use in nursing homes varies by psychiatric consultant.
Academic Article Factors associated with ordering laboratory monitoring of high-risk medications.
Academic Article Use of atypical antipsychotics in nursing homes and pharmaceutical marketing.
Academic Article Appropriateness of Psychopharmaco-logical Medication.
Academic Article Dissemination of Evidence-Based Antipsychotic Prescribing Guidelines to Nursing Homes: A Cluster Randomized Trial.
Academic Article New Initiation of Long-Acting Opioids in Long-Stay Nursing Home Residents.
Academic Article Association of a Communication Training Program With Use of Antipsychotics in Nursing Homes.
Academic Article Geographic Variation in the Initiation of Commonly Used Opioids and Dosage Strength in United States Nursing Homes.
Academic Article Prevalence of Long-Term Opioid Use in Long-Stay Nursing Home Residents.
Academic Article Long-acting opioid initiation in US nursing homes.
Academic Article Changes in Anticoagulant Utilization Among United States Nursing Home Residents With Atrial Fibrillation From 2011 to 2016.
Academic Article Opioid prescribing on discharge to skilled nursing facilities.
Academic Article Geographic Variation of Statin Use Among US Nursing Home Residents With Life-limiting Illness.
Academic Article Decreasing Trends in Opioid Prescribing on Discharge to Hospice Care.
Academic Article US clinicians' perspectives on advance care planning for persons with dementia: A qualitative study.
Academic Article Perspectives on deprescribing in palliative care.
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