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Academic Article Role of IL-12 in peripheral blood mononuclear cell responses to fungi in persons with and without HIV infection.
Academic Article Invasive infections due to Candida krusei: report of ten cases of fungemia that include three cases of endophthalmitis.
Academic Article Virulence factors of medically important fungi.
Academic Article Host-fungal interactions in HIV infection.
Academic Article Mechanisms of host defence against fungal infection.
Academic Article Involvement of CD14, toll-like receptors 2 and 4, and MyD88 in the host response to the fungal pathogen Cryptococcus neoformans in vivo.
Academic Article Overview of host defenses in fungal infections.
Academic Article In vivo role of dendritic cells in a murine model of pulmonary cryptococcosis.
Academic Article Prospects for development of vaccines against fungal diseases.
Academic Article Tackling human fungal infections.
Academic Article Construction and evaluation of a novel recombinant T cell epitope-based vaccine against Coccidioidomycosis.
Academic Article Interactions of fungi with phagocytes.
Academic Article In vivo bronchoalveolar macrophage defense against Rhizopus oryzae and Aspergillus fumigatus.
Academic Article Changing patterns of aspergillosis infections.
Academic Article The immune response to fungal infections.
Academic Article Role of the mannose receptor in a murine model of Cryptococcus neoformans infection.
Academic Article Innate recognition of fungal cell walls.
Academic Article Aspergillosis.
Academic Article Phomopsis bougainvilleicola prepatellar bursitis in a renal transplant recipient.
Academic Article Hidden killers: human fungal infections.
Concept Lung Diseases, Fungal
Concept Mycoses
Concept Eye Infections, Fungal
Academic Article Fungal vaccines and immunotherapeutics.
Academic Article Exploiting fungal cell wall components in vaccines.
Academic Article AIDS-related mycoses: the way forward.
Academic Article Chitin recognition via chitotriosidase promotes pathologic type-2 helper T cell responses to cryptococcal infection.
Academic Article Modulating host immune responses to fight invasive fungal infections.
Academic Article Vaccination with Recombinant Cryptococcus Proteins in Glucan Particles Protects Mice against Cryptococcosis in a Manner Dependent upon Mouse Strain and Cryptococcal Species.
Academic Article Fungal Recognition and Host Defense Mechanisms.
Academic Article Autocrine IL-10 Signaling Promotes Dendritic Cell Type-2 Activation and Persistence of Murine Cryptococcal Lung Infection.
Academic Article Host Control of Fungal Infections: Lessons from Basic Studies and Human Cohorts.
Academic Article Immunotherapeutic approaches to treatment of fungal diseases.
Academic Article Fungal immunology in clinical practice: Magical realism or practical reality?
Academic Article Vaccines for human fungal diseases: close but still a long way to go.
Concept Invasive Fungal Infections
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