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Academic Article Thymic stromal organization is regulated by the specificity of T cell receptor/major histocompatibility complex interactions.
Academic Article TCR signaling regulates thymic organization: lessons from TCR-transgenic mice.
Academic Article Highly cross-reactive T cell responses to myelin basic protein epitopes reveal a nonpredictable form of TCR degeneracy.
Academic Article Age-dependent T cell tolerance and autoimmunity to myelin basic protein.
Academic Article Mimotopes for alloreactive and conventional T cells in a peptide-MHC display library.
Academic Article TCR-MHC/peptide interactions: kissing-cousins or a shotgun wedding?
Academic Article How the T cell repertoire becomes peptide and MHC specific.
Academic Article Use of baculovirus MHC/peptide display libraries to characterize T-cell receptor ligands.
Academic Article Peripheral CD8+ T cell tolerance to self-proteins is regulated proximally at the T cell receptor.
Academic Article Fast on-rates allow short dwell time ligands to activate T cells.
Academic Article Structural biology of the T-cell receptor: insights into receptor assembly, ligand recognition, and initiation of signaling.
Academic Article A single T cell receptor bound to major histocompatibility complex class I and class II glycoproteins reveals switchable TCR conformers.
Academic Article A role for differential variable gene pairing in creating T cell receptors specific for unique major histocompatibility ligands.
Academic Article Viral antigen density and confinement time regulate the reactivity pattern of CD4 T-cell responses to vaccinia virus infection.
Academic Article Negative selection imparts peptide specificity to the mature T cell repertoire.
Academic Article Interface-disrupting amino acids establish specificity between T cell receptors and complexes of major histocompatibility complex and peptide.
Academic Article Thymic selection stifles TCR reactivity with the main chain structure of MHC and forces interactions with the peptide side chains.
Academic Article Crossreactive T Cells spotlight the germline rules for alphabeta T cell-receptor interactions with MHC molecules.
Academic Article How the thymus designs antigen-specific and self-tolerant T cell receptor sequences.
Academic Article Single naive CD4+ T cells from a diverse repertoire produce different effector cell types during infection.
Concept Receptors, Antigen, T-Cell, alpha-beta
Concept Receptors, Antigen, T-Cell
Concept T-Cell Antigen Receptor Specificity
Concept Receptors, Antigen, T-Cell, gamma-delta
Academic Article Relapsing-remitting central nervous system autoimmunity mediated by GFAP-specific CD8 T cells.
Academic Article Identifying environmental antigens that activate myelin-specific T cells.
Academic Article Effect of CDR3 sequences and distal V gene residues in regulating TCR-MHC contacts and ligand specificity.
Academic Article Antigen affinity and antigen dose exert distinct influences on CD4 T-cell differentiation.
Academic Article Coreceptor scanning by the T cell receptor provides a mechanism for T cell tolerance.
Academic Article a? T cell receptors as predictors of health and disease.
Academic Article Indoctrinating T cells to attack pathogens through homeschooling.
Academic Article Response to Garcia et?al.
Academic Article A "hotspot" for autoimmune T cells in type 1 diabetes.
Academic Article Affinity for self antigen selects Treg cells with distinct functional properties.
Academic Article Abnormalities of T-cell receptor repertoire in CD4+ regulatory and conventional T cells in patients with RAG mutations: Implications for autoimmunity.
Academic Article Patients with CD3G mutations reveal a role for human CD3? in Treg diversity and suppressive function.
Academic Article A temporal thymic selection switch and ligand binding kinetics constrain neonatal Foxp3+ Treg cell development.
Academic Article Neonatal-derived IL-17 producing dermal ?d T cells are required to prevent spontaneous atopic dermatitis.
Academic Article Resolving the Instructions for a? T Cell Development.
Academic Article The perception and response of T cells to a changing environment are based on the law of initial value.
Academic Article CD4 Effector TCR Avidity for Peptide on APC Determines the Level of Memory Generated.
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