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Academic Article Induction of angiogenesis by lidocaine and basic fibroblast growth factor: a model for in vivo retroviral-mediated gene therapy.
Academic Article Systemic delivery of the interleukin-1 receptor antagonist protein using a new strategy of direct adenoviral-mediated gene transfer to skeletal muscle capillary endothelium in the isolated rat hindlimb.
Academic Article Adeno-associated viral vector-mediated gene transfer of VEGF normalizes skeletal muscle oxygen tension and induces arteriogenesis in ischemic rat hindlimb.
Academic Article Overexpression of endothelial nitric oxide synthase increases skeletal muscle blood flow and oxygenation in severe rat hind limb ischemia.
Academic Article The effect of gradual or acute arterial occlusion on skeletal muscle blood flow, arteriogenesis, and inflammation in rat hindlimb ischemia.
Academic Article Optimization of adenovirus-mediated endothelial nitric oxide synthase delivery in rat hindlimb ischemia.
Academic Article Exercise-induced hyperemia unmasks regional blood flow deficit in experimental hindlimb ischemia.
Academic Article Oral tetrahydrobiopterin improves the beneficial effect of adenoviral-mediated eNOS gene transfer after induction of hindlimb ischemia.
Academic Article Correlation of a simple direct measurement of muscle pO(2) to a clinical ischemia index and histology in a rat model of chronic severe hindlimb ischemia.
Academic Article Human Treg responses allow sustained recombinant adeno-associated virus-mediated transgene expression.
Academic Article Cellular and molecular mechanism regulating blood flow recovery in acute versus gradual femoral artery occlusion are distinct in the mouse.
Academic Article Recovery from hind limb ischemia is less effective in type 2 than in type 1 diabetic mice: roles of endothelial nitric oxide synthase and endothelial progenitor cells.
Academic Article Endothelial nitric oxide synthase affects both early and late collateral arterial adaptation and blood flow recovery after induction of hind limb ischemia in mice.
Academic Article Tetrahydrobiopterin, L-arginine and vitamin C actsynergistically to decrease oxidative stress, increase nitricoxide and improve blood flow after induction of hindlimbischemia in the rat.
Academic Article Transplantation of lac-Z-transduced microvascular endothelial cells into the skeletal muscle capillary bed of the rat hindlimb occurs independent of the duration of femoral artery occlusion after injection of cells.
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Academic Article Type 2 diabetes impairs the ability of skeletal muscle pericytes to augment postischemic neovascularization in db/db mice.
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