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Academic Article Magnetic resonance pancreatography.
Academic Article New cholangiographic sign of common bile duct obstruction: initial opacification of intrahepatic ducts.
Academic Article Bile duct obstruction in hepatocellular carcinoma (hepatoma)--clinical and cholangiographic characteristics. Report of 6 cases and review of the literature.
Academic Article The bile ducts after a fatty meal: further sonographic observations.
Academic Article Radiology of the pancreas.
Academic Article Radiologic diagnosis of extrahepatic biliary obstruction in jaundiced patients.
Academic Article Cholangiographic manifestations of acute biliary colic.
Academic Article Diagnosis of choledocholithiasis by barium duodenal examination.
Academic Article Obstruction of the left hepatic duct: diagnosis and treatment by selective fine-needle cholangiography and percutaneous biliary drainage.
Academic Article Monooctanoin perfusion treatment of intrahepatic calculi.
Academic Article Detection and drainage of bilomas: special considerations.
Academic Article Observations on the distensibility of the common bile duct.
Academic Article Interventional radiology of the biliary tract.
Academic Article Percutaneous transhepatic biliary drainage: technique, results, and applications.
Academic Article Persistent obstructive jaundice, cholangitis, and biliary cirrhosis due to common bile duct stenosis in chronic pancreatitis.
Academic Article Results of hypotonic duodenography in the diagnosis of pancreaticoduodenal cancer.
Academic Article Body ultrasonography (second of two parts).
Academic Article Objective evaluation of ampullary stenosis with ultrasonography and pancreatic stimulation.
Academic Article Transhepatic removal of obstructed Carey-Coons biliary endoprosthesis.
Academic Article Biliary stent endoprosthesis: analysis of complications in 113 patients.
Academic Article Gallbladder bile in cholecystitis: in vitro MR evaluation.
Academic Article Unfamiliar roentgen findings in pancreatic disease.
Academic Article Tomographic demonstration of the common bile duct following nonvisualization at oral cholecystography.
Academic Article Nonoperative management of malignant biliary obstruction: a radiologic alternative.
Academic Article Malpositioned biliary endoprosthesis: retrieval using a vascular balloon catheter.
Academic Article Biliary pressure: manometric and perfusion studies at percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography and percutaneous biliary drainage.
Academic Article Advances in the radiology of jaundice: a symposium and review.
Academic Article Cholangiolymphatic communications and their significance.
Academic Article Bile cytology. A routine addition to percutaneous biliary drainage.
Academic Article Radiography of the bile ducts: a symposium on the use of new modalities for diagnosis and treatment.
Academic Article Postcholecystectomy bile duct dilatation: myth or reality?
Academic Article Prospective diagnosis of choledocholithiasis.
Academic Article Sonography of the bile ducts after a fatty meal: an aid in detection of obstruction.
Academic Article Gas in the bile ducts (pneumobilia) in emphysematous cholecystitis.
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