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Academic Article Endogenous siRNAs derived from transposons and mRNAs in Drosophila somatic cells.
Academic Article Collapse of germline piRNAs in the absence of Argonaute3 reveals somatic piRNAs in flies.
Academic Article The Drosophila HP1 homolog Rhino is required for transposon silencing and piRNA production by dual-strand clusters.
Academic Article Target RNA-directed trimming and tailing of small silencing RNAs.
Academic Article Target RNA-directed tailing and trimming purifies the sorting of endo-siRNAs between the two Drosophila Argonaute proteins.
Academic Article The 3'-to-5' exoribonuclease Nibbler shapes the 3' ends of microRNAs bound to Drosophila Argonaute1.
Academic Article Transposition-driven genomic heterogeneity in the Drosophila brain.
Academic Article Distinct functions for the Drosophila piRNA pathway in genome maintenance and telomere protection.
Academic Article Heterotypic piRNA Ping-Pong requires qin, a protein with both E3 ligase and Tudor domains.
Academic Article Adaptation to P element transposon invasion in Drosophila melanogaster.
Academic Article Dicer partner proteins tune the length of mature miRNAs in flies and mammals.
Academic Article UAP56 couples piRNA clusters to the perinuclear transposon silencing machinery.
Concept Drosophila melanogaster
Academic Article The HP1 homolog rhino anchors a nuclear complex that suppresses piRNA precursor splicing.
Academic Article The initial uridine of primary piRNAs does not create the tenth adenine that Is the hallmark of secondary piRNAs.
Academic Article piPipes: a set of pipelines for piRNA and transposon analysis via small RNA-seq, RNA-seq, degradome- and CAGE-seq, ChIP-seq and genomic DNA sequencing.
Academic Article Noncoding RNA. piRNA-guided transposon cleavage initiates Zucchini-dependent, phased piRNA production.
Academic Article Slicing and Binding by Ago3 or Aub Trigger Piwi-Bound piRNA Production by Distinct Mechanisms.
Academic Article Adaptive Evolution Leads to Cross-Species Incompatibility in the piRNA Transposon Silencing Machinery.
Academic Article Co-dependent Assembly of Drosophila piRNA Precursor Complexes and piRNA Cluster Heterochromatin.
Academic Article The RNA-Binding ATPase, Armitage, Couples piRNA Amplification in Nuage to Phased piRNA Production on Mitochondria.
Academic Article piRNA-independent transposon silencing by the Drosophila THO complex.
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